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Morning All! Am just not myself these days. Having trouble getting to sleep (for me after 10 pm is late) and waking up by 6 am. I miss my 10 hrs.

My family never made it to FL flying stand-by yesterday. They'll try again today. If they make it, the visit will be Monday. I hoped we might go to the eating meeting with the Club for lunch today or John's for dinner with neighbors tonight since the company has cancelled. That doesn't look likely since Stan was already making dinner when I got up. Sigh.

Funny story about auto-correct Katie. Steph, will be looking forward to hearing about the new onc. Hope you aren't rushed in and out. Eric, one door closes, another opens. Too bad one was dinner with friends and the other is an outing requiring tools lol. Judy, I'll get to your care pages when I have more time. It requires what looks like a lengthy sign-up and I expect problems. I'm sure I was signed up before I changed servers (following Wendy I think) and that usually is a challenge.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone.

Just home from Glasgow,I got to Liannes shop in the morning,one desk to assemble,step one,open flat pack,take out the instruction drawings and descriptions and throw away over left shoulder,or right, if you prefer, then begin to assemble unit.I never could understand these instruction sheets.Anyway job done and dusted,Lianne really pleased with the finished article,looks really nice,she is using it for a nail bar.She treats me to a drink in the cafe next door,and tells me after a while is two months pregnant,boy I am so pleased, I get to be a great uncle again,a playmate for Max and me.

Left Lianne to do a shop for some Christmas pressies,one on my list was a perfume that Jennifer asked me to get her, Flower Bomb,what a name,found it immeadiately walking into Debbenams,it was at the first counter I arrived at, £72 for 50mls,reduced to £61.50,its apparently refillable for £37.Funnily I went into another perfume shop in St Enoch centre and asked them how much is the 50mls size of Flower Bomb? £61.50 she replied,is'nt that a remarkable co-incidence?.I had a good walk round Glasgow's shopping centre,its just brill at this time of the year,all the shops decked out with Christmas decorations and lights,George Square,just beautifully lit up,they have an ice rink and a hugh Ferris Wheel set up for kids of all ages.

Sally was off to the hairdressers this morning,for the Light up a star event tomorrow,unfortunately she managed to visit the off-licence shop on the way home.Thats Life, ho hum,Bye for now.

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Katie, the auto correct - I had to laugh. It gets me too. Someone was forwarding a funny email around with a lot of auto correct messages that were hilarious. I wish I kept it. But it is funny.

Judy, hope you can get better sleep! As for Carepage, I don't know why that's complicated. If you already had an account there, simply put your email in and then click on "forgot password". They will send your email a new one, which you can then change to what you want. It's okay though, you'll get there if you can and when you can!

Eric, that snow/wind storm sounds crazy. What is up with the extreme weather we've been experiencing in the last few years? Our winter has been so mild. Not even an inch of snow accumulation yet. Not complaining! It will be here and when it does it will be big. The cold is here, just not the precip yet.

Well, I am still in jammies at 11:15AM. Been fiddling around all morning. Time to get cleaned up and head out to get a few pressies (as Eric says) for next weekend.

I have a girlfriend looking for some extra Christmas money, so she is going to come in for a couple of hours on Tuesday and Friday to help me get the house cleaned and ready for Christmas. She is a good friend, so I'm looking forward to spending time with her.

Judy in MI

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