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Hi Scrubgirl,

Welcome to LCSC,I am really sorry to hear about your Dad's diagnosis,I am so glad you have found us so quickly,I am sure you are going to find all the information and support to require from all the buddies here.

A cancer diagnosis does turn all those concerned world upside down,particularly where it just happens to be a lung cancer one,given its reputation as a killer.

Following my dx,I guess it took me about six months to re-adjust my life into some kind of normal,I was so depressed,I could see no light at the end of the tunnel,this cancer is going to kill me and in the not too distant future I believed.Well with the support I had received from family and friends I gradually relaxed a bit,I started to think after reading all the experiences of lung cancer survivors here and elsewhere,that maybe just maybe,I can beat this disease.Well I have survived over three years now,I can honestly tell you,that my life has been fully restored to me,I am full of confidence that I do have a future after all.

I have so much to share with you of a positive nature that to put it all into just one post,would have more pages than War and Peace.

Bottom line, please pass my best wishes onto your Dad, tell him there are many survivors here,with all different types of lung cancer and stages,not just surviving but thriving.I have a friend dxd with SCLC in 1993,given 2 months to live,he was kept in hospital for his chemotherapy,on more than one occassion his family was called to bedside,the docs believing he would not see the next day.Well he made a full recovery,then in 2007 he is now dxd with NSCLC,had more treatments,made a full recovery,today he is now 72 years old,with the energy for life of a 21 year old.Bye for now.

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Sorry Scrubgirl,

and oops,its your husband, not your Dad,please excuse me.I do have an excuse of sorts,when I started to write my reply to you, the phone rang,it was my wee sister,well when she phones,you better take a seat,we did chat for quite somtime,I must also plead, I have attacks of senile dymensia that strike now and again.Bye.

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Oh dear,

Such a tough diagnosis. What can we say or help you with? I would ask - how is he is doing? What type of treatment has he received or is receiving? And has his cancer been tested for EGFR mutation and ALK translocation? These offer some great treatment option.

Take care of yourself - caregivers are so key.

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So sorry you have to be hear. I know how devastating it must have felt to get his dx. When you hear a 3 or 4 stage LC (advanced), that's all you hear at the moment and it seems dire. There are many advanced lung cancer survivors today. It is no longer a death sentence. Give us some more info on his cancer and we'll try to share experiences that may be relevant.

Judy in KW

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I'm a newbie here too - Just joined yesterday. I was dx with stage 4 NSCLC adenocarcinoma last summer. for a month I thought I was a dead man walking. I then realized that the best chance I had to see my kids grow up was to take control of everything I could. I can not control the past. I cannot control the diagnosis. I can control the fact that there is no advocate for people like us than us ourselves. You need to feel comfortable with the doctors. The oncologist is your new health team quarterback. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO RESEARCH ON LIFE EXPECTANCY. Thats for OTHER people. If what I read was true, I'd have been dead a year ago. As crazy as this sounds, be glad he was diagnosed not and not 40 years ago. There are so many tools in the bag of tricks. I'm off to my chemo session ant PET/CT scan results in an hour. It's just another day. Wednesday through Saturday will suck, but then it's about feeling better (whatever that means to him) again.

About control: The thing most under control for you guys is a POSITIVE attitude. I keep saying things like "This is just not my time". Get genetic tests on biopsies (if you have one) for any mutation that has a targeted therapy associated.

I did 6 months of Taxol, Carboplatin,Avastin and Zometa after a risky hip surgery on a Met Hip Tumor. The combo sent me to the deepest lowest point in my life. The outpouring support of family friends and looking at my kids each day were key to surviving that experience. The mind is the post powerful fighting weapon you have. I found accupuncture helped a bit with fatigue and nasua.

I am not religious, but I have become an equal opportunity prayer receiver. I would be happy to speak online or offline with you or hour husband. I am him 16 months out and even though today may bring more bad news, I AM READY to fight with every last breath. This is not my time and not your husbands.

Best of luck to you both.

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