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Monday Air


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Well, I'll open the windows and let in Monday's air, but if someone beats me to it, just merge me please! :-)

The phone rang bright and early, and thinking it was the beginning of the next steps in treatment, I put the pillow over my head and let it go to voice mail. LOL. Turns out my new glasses are in! Yeah! I can't read with the ones I have and can't wait to get the new pair.

This weekend I spent two hours shopping and got 95% of the kiddo's gifts done. Just got a new great-niece yesterday! LOL So off today to find baby stuff for a baby girl.

We decided to not exchange gifts again this year, but I am going to get one gift for him, and one for me. He does not know. My wardrobe is getting old. I would like one really warm and soft sweater. I did an inventory of his "nice" sweaters that he would wear to work and there aren't any! So he's going to get a good quality pull over that he can wear with slacks on casual days.

Other than that? I got nothing! Have a good Monday.

Judy in MI

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YooHoo, my grandson got accepted for early admission to Bucknell. He is over the top and I am so happy for him.

Didn't have a clue what to get most on my Christmas list and than out of the blue the present angel whispered in my ear and now I am almost done. YooHoo two!

YooHoo three, had my annual physical last week and am fortunate to be one healthy old lady. Dr. said I could try going off my statin, but I think I am going to stay on since there are so many good things they do for you. Going to do the research.

Judy, it is cold as you know what here today, so I have on a nice warm sweater, what a joy. Am working 1/2 day today and 1/2 day tomorrow instead on all day tuesday. Having lunch with the 'bison babes' today and my fall golf league luncheon is tomorrow. I am probably going to look like a Christmas moose before the holidays are over.

Site is quiet lately.

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Hi Judy and Ginny. Wow...try saying that fast...it's a mouthful...LOL!!! I thought I'd drag myself up by the seat of my pants and post this week. I can't believe that Thursday will be the 9 year anniversary of losing my Dennis. I have been so down for about a month now and I dread the rest of this week. But, I decided that this is the place to be this week, as I know how understanding my friends from here can be.

If I wasn't depressed enough already, this rain would have made me that way. It started raining here on Saturday afternoon and it's still raining. It's so dark and gloomy outside and it looks like December weather. I hope the temperature drops before Christmas. It's supposed to be in the mid 70's all week and it may hit 80 on Wednesday. I hate warm weather at this time of year.

I had a great afternoon yesterday, watching all three grandbabies while their mom and dad got out for some alone time for the first time since Harper was born on October 15th. They just went out to watch the Dolphins game but I know they needed a break. I had the experience of giving Harp her very first bottle and she did great!!! The other little ones are so excited about Christmas, even though they will admit they haven't been all the good. I convinced them that they have two weeks to make up for lost time and told them that Santa can be very forgiving, if children really make a big effort.

Judy...hope it gets cold enough here for a cold sweater. When I buy a sweater, it never wears out because it gets worn so little. I love wearing sweaters but don't get to do so enough!

Ginny D...so proud of your grandson. That's a great accomplishment and I can only imagine how proud you must be.

Hope everyone has a nice evening. I'm going to go home and keep my mind busy!!!


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Hi Ann,

It's freakishly warm here for December. My car temp gauge said 47 as I drove around today. That's insanely warm for us, but no one is complaining. WE've barely had an inch of snow, and warm temps, we are loving it. But the first two weeks of December were cold, not like last year, but got to 22 degrees and very windy.

I love the name Harper. Very cute.

Speaking of names. My great niece was born yesterday. I must be getting old. I just don't understand the names the young ones are giving to their children. One niece named her first born Guilleanna, and they call her "G". The other nice named her first son Deacon, which completely surprised all of us. They call him Deke, which makes sense. Her first daughter was name Allyssandra, and they call her Ali. Like Ali McGraw. This is her second daughter, and they named her Emerson. I have never heard of this name, and I can't picture calling a little baby "Emerson". I talked to my niece today and told her that Great Aunt Judy has already decided her nick name and it will be Emmie. No Emma, No Emmer, it is Emmie.

Here's what I don't get: Allyssandra and Guilleanna will be spelling their names a billion times in their lives. No one will know how to spell it. I guess I'm getting dotty and old. Maybe that is the point, that their name is unlike anyone elses.


MI Judy

P.S. Ann, I hope and pray for your sorrow to be softened by the lovely, and happy memories that you have with Dennis. When I am missing my sister, Mom or Dad, I get my old albums out and relive the happy memories with them. I have traced their faces with my finger over the years. I may shed some tears, but I also know they are no longer suffering and are in a better place, and one day I will be joining them again.

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