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New here..really need advice


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You all are just amazing people. You keep me strong and offer perspectives I may have not even considered.

His health seems to have gotten worse in the past 24 hours. He went in for a regular doc visit today (non cancer related) and when his temperature was taken, it was 102 degrees and may have early pneumonia. He didn't even realize he had a fever, but nonetheless he was given anti biotics and has been on rest ever since. His daughter has been checking on him ever so often and taking his temp.

I will be sure to visit eery day and take your suggestions on the food intake/anti depressants. The doctor told us last time that he doesn't usually like patients who combine anti depressants with their chemo and said its"normal" to feel depressed. Whatever doc is what I say. Anything could help right now, although yesterday he was a little more upbeat. And he has to eat something...he's losing weight fast. He has cereal in mornings and a little bit here and there, but really not that much. Anyone heard of Gerson therapy/diet? I will see what works and what doesn't, like many of you suggested.

I meet with my boss tomorrow and will update him on situation. He knows what's going on, but is an "all about the numbers" guy. I'll weigh my options in next few weeks, but my best friend is like family to me. Known him all my life and he is my brother really. His house needs some work too, I'd like to help more than I'm doing now.

Thank you all for your wonderful display of support, sometimes I even need a head check every now and then :) I'll keep you all updated, I appreciate all your insight. -Jim

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Well guys, my buddy had to be rushed to the ER the other night after he had a fever of 102 he couldn't shake. He's being hospitalized now and doing better, fever has come down...I wonder what happened this time. I visited him today and I have a feeling he had an allergic reaction to a shot they gave him at his appointment w oncologist. At this point, just trying to get him to rest comfortably and get the heck out of there...although thanks to support on here, i was able to warn him a month ago to not be alarmed if he has to be hospitalized every so often.

I've learned so much on here and have passed it on to him. This chemo has given him a beating, though. Soon we will know from CAT scan if chemo is working on the tumor.

I will say that some good news (could be) he learned from xray taken is that lungs appear to be clear and free from fluid as opposed to before. Maybe that's result of tumor being shrunk---decrease in effusion? It's also important to note that 2 fluid tests from month ago AND biopsy of lining of lung all came back negative. Thanks again and will continue to check in with you fine folks. -Jim

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