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Well, it's back to reality now.

The Holiday is over, and my life is going to change starting tomorrow. I DREAD the PFT tomorrow. I couldn't sleep last night, kept dreaming that I was drowning. I realized it was because when they put me in that clear booth, my claustrophobia kicks in and I begin to feel like I'm drowning. The nurse starts the test, I'm getting yelled at to try harder, and it's just a nightmare to me.

Poor R., he's got the day off, and I already bit his head off once. I can't do that for the rest of the day. I'm trying to find projects to get my mind off what is ahead of me.

So how's the weather your way?

Judy in MI

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Hi Judy, I hate the PFT too. At 6-3, it's tough to fit in there to start with. Then, just when you think it's almost over, There's another half to go. Plus, you can keep the gizmo you had in your mouth if you want it?? What on earth for? Anyway, I hope you do well and I also hope you don't need anymore surgery. Good luck, Judy.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Weather here for the last few days have been really unseasonably warm,11 degrees C thereabouts,think thats in the 50s F.Hope you all had a lovely Christmas,I did,dinner in the afternoon at Irenes,I had a great time playing with Max and Mia,Mia is now walking,she is such a cutie,Id love to take her home with me,but I dont think Craig and lorna would agree somehow LOL. We went to Linda's home in the evening for a party,large family occassion we all get on so well,so I thoroughly enjoved myself.

We are hosts to Jennifer and Chris today,its great to have them here,Chris got me a Playstation 3,actually its not new,he bought two broken ones on e-bay,then he makes one good one out of the two,he is so clever with computers and anything electronic,he and Jennifer bought me three games to get me started.I didnt realise that this machine allows me to watch TV,get on the internet and a million other things besides,so I am now on a new learning curve,which for me is going to be quite a challenge.I have sneaked upstairs to come online,Jennifer and Chris a fans of the soap Eastenders,well they missed the Christmas special yesterday,so they are watching it on catch-up TV downstairs with Sally,I really cannot stand soaps,I find them so contrived.Jennifer and Chris bought us tickets for the Musical Show, We Will Rock You its on in the Playhouse in Edinburgh,we go on the last night on the 9th of January,I really love Queens music.

Hi Stephanie,thanks for the infro on the new Scottish Bar in Seattle,it looks like a really brill place to spend some time in,I 'd just love to visit wearing my Scottish accent and kilt ensomble,now that would be fun,would'nt it?book me a seat for next summer.

Hi JudyMI,I can understand your anxiety about tomorrow,remember we are all going along with you also in

spirit,I am praying for you that everything will go really well and you will be able to feed back to us with good news.

Enjoy the rest of Boxing day everyone,I may drop in later when Chris and Jennifer have gone home.Bye.

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Evening All! I am feeling bad I missed a holiday post on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Sorry. I did kick the kid off and try on Christmas Eve. It was very weird but I could not get on to save my life. Christmas day went by in a blur then visiting with Wendy this morning because she was leaving to go back to PSL. She left Dominick here because he wanted to stay even though she practically has to turn around and drive back for him.

We had a great Christmas. Everyone got gifts they liked and we just visited until a terrific prime rib dinner with a guest/neighbor. Terrific as it was, I am and have been exhausted. We're talking about skipping a year--Wendy and I could go somewhere fabulous and the guys could go to Ohio where Stan hunts with his friends. It could even be next year lol.

Stephanie, I hope you get to sample some of the food for those parties, or at least left-overs lol. Eric, I was shocked at the ATM incident. How awful is that. Mike, want you to know I saw your goodnight and loved it even if I was a little late. Alan, hope you really really had a good holiday. Judy, I loved your Merry Christmas. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and girl, you need to start that Ativan or whatever your anti-anxiety brand is. I hate the MRI and when I'm having one like last week, I take one at bedtime, one at 6 am and one around 10 am when I'm usually scheduled. Of course, I do nothing but sleep when I get home. Hope I didn't miss anyone and hope you all had a great Christmas.

Going to town with Dominick tomorrow. He's over the top with his new camera. We'll go and find places for him to take pics.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Okay, last party is tomorrow. In the oven is a chocolate apricot tart. Like a crumbly cookie dough patted into the pan, a layer of cooked and roughly pureed dried apricots, and more crumbly chocolate walnut dough on top to seal it all up. Hope the kids like it. There will be ice cream.

M will cook a prime rib tomorrow.

Eric - are you sure someone didn't give herself a Christmas bonus at that ATM?

Judy - we will be waiting to hear the report, if you are up to it. Get some good rest.

Cat just came glistening. I take it the rain has started - and may not stop for many days to come...

G'night all you little elves.

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