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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! Was up to midnight last night. Unlike a lot of you, I don't get on the computer for fear I will get caught up and be up even later.

Wendy picked up Dominick yesterday and after feeding and visiting with her, they were off. I'm on my way to getting my house back together. Good thing, we're having company tomorrow night. I had to tell Stan this morning that I couldn't go to the doctor with him tomorrow. He's o.k. with it, but I feel bad. His appointment is 9:45 and the orthos here are notorious for long waits. I'd be spastic thinking of getting home to get ready for company at 6 pm.

Judy, good luck on the next step. Alan, you did a great job covering the biopsy. I wouldn't be too anxious to get that other lobe removed Judy. Ask Muriel.

Bud, when Dominick and I were at the bridge where he was taking pics, a couple came around the bend in a kayak. I told Dominick I really wanted to do it but Stan says his shoulders wouldn't handle it. Dominick and I have plans to do the backcountry together next time he comes down. I can ooo and ahhhh while he takes pictures.

I have to get in the office to do a quote and finish some touch-up cleaning. My lady says she has a part-time job now and can't come for touch-ups when I have company. Sucks. I know, I am spoiled rotten but I clean better than she does when I do clean lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Judy, I had to laugh about the cleaning comment. Before I found myself back to cleaning again, I never looked closely at what my cleaning lady did. Now that I'm doing it, I realize I clean a lot more thoroughly than they did! Surprised myself with that one.

Thanks Alan for the good explanation on the biopsy. I so appreciate that. Have not heard back yet on the date so maybe it will be later in the week? Not going to worry about it.

Biggest stressor right now is that my internet air card is not working. It's frustrating to not be able to come here, or answer emails in the time frame I am used to. I'm at Gilda's right now so I'm on line for a bit. I'm taking everything in tomorrow to the local repair shop to see what is wrong.

I tried to fix R's computer last night. He has so many programs running all the time that it's moving like a slug. So I ask if he's using these programs and most of them he is not. I start deleting them, and poof! I lost all of his documents on his desk top! he kept all his documents on the desk top and not filed. Yikes!

Judy in MI

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Hello, friends. Good to hear that everyone is having a good day and getting a lot accomplished.

KW Judy....if you get bored cleaning your house, you can hop in the car and drive to my house....just a few hours north...lol. When I do the touch up cleaning, I always find that something needs a good "deep" cleaning and I end up spending way too much time on one area. Hope your dinner goes well. I love entertaining will everything is well planned and prepared.

Judy in MI...your scenario with the computer puts a whole new twist on "cleaning up files." So sorry that happened. I love computers but get very frustrated at times.

My son got me an IPhone and I'm going crazy learning to use it. I can't believe how "hi tech" this thing is and have absolutely no idea why I even need half of these features.

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Good evening, everyone!

It was 37 degrees as I rode to work this morning. It got up to 66 degrees this afternoon, a beautiful day for the ride home. Tomorrow, 5 miles into my ride to work, I will reach my mileage goal for the year, 7,500 miles.

Bud, when Dominick and I were at the bridge where he was taking pics, a couple came around the bend in a kayak. I told Dominick I really wanted to do it but Stan says his shoulders wouldn't handle it.

Judy, I'm glad I got a pedal kayak. My left shoulder wouldn't handle paddling right now at all. It seems to be my biggest single health problem these days. My primary doctor thinks it's bursitis. He's already done an x-ray, and an MRI with contrast is scheduled for next month, as well as physical therapy, which he hopes will help.

Have a great day, all!

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