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Morning All and Happy New Year! Good for you Judy getting in the first post of the year. Maybe you can come back with some cool stuff like colored hats and confetti and stuff. Me, I almost made midnight but thought better of it. I didn't get up til after 8 as it was.

The early evening party was great. Good food, nice people and conversation. The couple who had it are really into Christmas so the decorations were awesome.

We're going fishing! I'm really nervous. I know that sounds strange. I was an avid fisherwomen most of my married life but it's been so long. Wonder if it's like riding a bike? Oh no, the last time I tried to do that I fell off lol. Stan's out getting the squid. We are just going to drift close to home for Lane Snapper so I should be o.k.

The holiday is over and I need to start shedding some of the pounds I knew I'd gain. I don't eat a lot of food, it's just the party variety that does it to me. Too bad I still have a bit of it in the house sigh.

I know tomorrow is another holiday for the d@m# postal workers. I know it wasn't my regular mailman but he/she put the mail on top of the mail to go out. We didn't get the mail from the box that day, so now our quote and invoice and worst yet my sister's BD card are sitting here waiting til Tues. Bummer.

Hope you all have a great day.

Judy in KW

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2012! How'd that happen?

We met friends for lupper (lunch/supper) at 1 and chatted for a couple of hours. Got home and I crawled onto the bed with cat and blanket. Got up a couple times for a few minutes, but basically got up at 8 this morning. Had no alcohol, but still managed to cough hard enough to get a gag reflex and another visit to the porcelain god. But my cold is gone, so that is good.

Midnight was punctuated with fireworks and explosive devices in the neighborhood - lots of loud sounds, occasional lights in the sky despite the blinds. Last two sets were around 1:30 - I'm guessing the restaurant workers finally got home and wanted to celebrate. But it sounded like they blew something up, twice.

Gray outside, rain unlikely, 42 headed to 49.

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Happy New Year everyone! For the new year I resolve to come to the forums more often!

My children are all leaving today. :cry: They have all been home since the Wednesday before Christmas, and we have had such a wonderful time, that it will be very hard to see them leave. On the other hand I feel like I could sleep a week! My husband is driving the two that live in Boston home at 5 and I am putting the NYC bound daughter on the train at 7. Then I think I will get right in my pajamas and finish off the last of the Christmas cookies!

We finished the old year off nicely, board games, movie, lobster and make your own sundaes. I feel especially blessed that I have 3 children in their 20's who live in major cities, yet they chose to spend their New Year's Eve at home with me!

Have fun fishing Judy - I haven't been fishing in many many years. I love to fish, but I hate fish, so it is kind of silly.

It is 50 degrees and sunny out today - not exactly a New England winter.

peace - Janet B

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We went to a NY's party, but had to come home way early because the dogs are afraid of firecrackers. Like Stephanie - sounded like someone in the neighborhood was setting off dynamite for at least 20 minutes.

JudyKW - used to go fishing a lot with my Dad, but not so much since he died. Aside from salmon - which I never catch - my favorite is crappie - but they seem to be harder to find every year (maybe they've all moved to Texas). I am a fair weather fisherman though -- if I need to wear more than a sweatshirt then it's way too cold for me! I think it is rather like riding a bicycle.

Janet, sounds like a wonderful holiday. All three of my sons came home - wasn't expected, but was really nice. First time in probably 8 years that everyone has been together for Xmas.

I'm going to make some soup before church, and then just hang out on the sofa watching football. (My preference would be a good movie - but this is one weekend of the year I am a good sport).

Happy New Year to all.

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