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Guest libsak

Hi again

I am still not sure if this is where I should be posting. I have been reading all your positive thoughts and think it is wonderful to be able to feel that way. My husband, who was diagnosed with NSCLC 6 weeks ago is in the 4th week of an 8 week Tarceva trial. We are trying so hard to stay optimistic but have many questions. He will not get scans again until the 8 weeks are up. If the drug is working, should we see any improvement in his symptoms. Doctors say its too early, but it is so discouraging to not see a change. We have been doing what you all say not to do, and reading stuff on the internet. You are right, it is very negative. There seems to be very little chance of buying time if you have not had surgery. He was stage 4, in both lungs, but no mets outside. Has anyone looked into alternative treatments. One doctor who's name keeps coming up, is Dr. Burzynski, in Texas. I know we are jumping ahead, but I feel we should be prepared with alternatives if this trial doesn't work. We haven't yet tried standard chemo, but those statistics are not at all encouraging. These decisions are so impossible to make. How do you do it?


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Welcome to our family! But sorry your are apart of our family!

I was DX 1/2003 4th stage lung cancer. I am being treated with Chemo Taxol & Carbo 6 treatments every 3 weeks I get a treatment. A week after my first treatment my symthoms sp? started going away. Coughing stopped & ect. After each treatment first fell rotten (lol) then feel great & getting better all the time!

Each person is different & reactions are different.

Keep asking your Dr.s question!! Hang in there & don't give up!

It is very hard :!: When you first learn about the cancer for both the patient & spouce or caregiverI know for my hubby it was very hard!!!! He felt so helpless!! We have been married 40 yrs.

(((((((HUGS)))))))) for the both of you!


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I have my mom taking a product called MGN-3, got it at the health food store. She has stage 4 lung cancer also, was diagnosed in March. Shes having chemo (Taxotere and Carboplatin) also.

MGN-3 is a natural product of shiitake mushrooms and rice bran, it supposedly builds the immune system, enhances natural killer cell activity and helps with side effects of chemo, etc. Hope this info. helps you!! Im praying this is a good thing to take, my mom's been on it about a week or so. There have been some proven studies on it. You might want to check at your local health food store.

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Like Don I was leary of Dr Burzynski. However, he has made it to a clinical trial, so there probably is some evidence that his therapy may work.

here is the info, I just saw this recently

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/N ... 2?order=33

There are restrictions. You probably have to wait at least a month if not more after going off the Tarceva

Good luck and take care

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It is never to SOON to take control over your treatment! I have heard of the Burzynski Clinic and here is the web site for you www.cancermed.com. I have also read a great deal on the Issels treatment, here is the site www.issels.com. I have the book about it and It gives more hope than Dr's. You need to take charge of your health. You might want to look at www.polymvasurvivors.com as well. Coral Clacium is importatn along with MGN-3 and CQ10, essiac tea also is important. You can read about these on the POLY web site.

If you have questions, call them at POLY and they will help you, they are very nice and genuine people. I am sure that when you go to that site you will see so much hope! NEVER give up and remember Doctors are human too and they do not know everything. You need to also focus on NUTRITION! It is very important, and I don't know why doctors refuse to tell people that or admit that. Poor nutrition is what get's us sick in the first place. Fresh Juice (from a Juicer) and GREEN JUICE!!!!!! CARROT JUICE!!!! Fresh RAW Veggies Fish..... You can go to this website and read about nutrition and how it cured this lady www.cancerrd.com.

She had recipies and a planner, she did all the work so you don't have to.

Well, that is only half true, if you want to have a good outcome, you have to stay focused and stick with the plan and it takes a lot of time and determination, but you can do it!!!

It is so important that when we get sick that we don't take it lying down, and we fight with all we got to prevail and by doing so, we have to take control over our treatment. I hope that this helps you.

I wish you all the luck in the world!

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