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Good morning friends,

I'm on my third go-round with morning, and this one is the best so far. :wink:

Ann, just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers this morning. I'll bet the words that Pat wrote in saying goodbye to her mate will be eloquently expressed by you. After a long battle and suffering, Bob is at peace and rest now. Now we pray that for Pat as well. HUGS.

Today is a planned quiet day. A couple of my favorite books are calling my name, and my cushy and fresh cleaned sheets and blankets beckon. So I hope for a good weekend for all of you!

Judy in MI

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I'm re-reading The Shack again. It came out in 2007, (read it during my first go-round with lung cancer) and I read it voraciously. This time I'm enjoying it a phrase at a time, rather than devouring it like I did the last time. This author writes brilliant descriptions of things that are so vivid and pregnant with meaning, that you almost feel like you physically ate a snack when you get done with the chapter you are on.

An example is this, on page 74. He's writing about a place that holds bad memories. "He had pushed away any thoughts of this place since Missy's disappearance, sequestering his emotions securely in the padlocked basement of his own heart. ........ He had tried to avoid thinking about what he was doing and just keep putting one foot in front of the other, but like grass pushing through concerte, the repressed feelings and fears somehow began to poke through."

I liked the picture he painted with his words here.

MI Judy

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Its been a really enjoyable week,its amazing how the days just whizz by,yesterday I got online for my visa application via ESTA,seems I behaved myself last year, the USA have approved my application,I cannot wait until May 2nd comes round,hope everyone can make the Hope Summit.

Sally's birthday today,she shares it with George Harrison,I share mine with the naturalist David Attenborough,not that I am 85 LOL,do you share your birthday with anyone famous or special?.Jennifer and Chris are coming to Airdrie tonight,we have a table booked in Guidi's,time to discard my diet-again.Anne of the Morgan Lee band sent me a post telling me they are performing at the Bon Accord to-night,shame I am going to miss this one,I will miss their St Patricks,gig also,its my sisters husbands 60th birthday,and they have organised a big bash in a Indian function suite,no, not red indian,Indian,Indian.I told Anne I could'nt make that one either,I said to her, I told my sister Irene I could'nt come to Pats do,I had a previous invite from the Morgan Lee Band,my face is beginning to heal,and the lumps on my head are beginning to subside,but to save myself from further injury,I have decided to attend Pats night out instead.

I missed the yoga yesterday,our central heating boiler had brocken down, again,Scottish Gas repair man was coming at lunchtime to repair it,Sally attends a arts and crafts class on Friday mornings and they were having a day excursion to the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum,actually she was home prior to the arrival of the repairman in late afternoon,I could have gone to the yoga,grrr.Is'nt it great? I paid £5,500 to have this central heating system installed about 4 years ago,I chose Scottish Gas,not on price but their reputation for quality and excellent after care,this boiler has brocken down goodness knows how many time since,the repair guy says,it not a good boiler I would have been better with a Wooster,hold me back, I could have strangled him,it was on their recommendation I chose this ****** boiler,grrr again.

Wishing you all a enjoyable weekend,bye for now.

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Morning All! Making this quick. I'm going shopping and don't have much energy to access these days. Stan said save it all for Wendy and my outing. Oh, the turkey dinner was awesome. She was so thrilled when I told her she "nailed it" with my stuffing recipe. And I meant it.

My heart will be with you today Ann.

Judy, I marked a passage from The Postmistress recently: "They strolled and chattered, looking in shop windows, like loose twigs nudging slowly down an easy stream, their voices lighting along the lanes." Just struck me as lovely.

Katie, hope you got that break yesterday if no one was going to show anyway. Kind of like a snow day from school huh lol.

Janet, you made me feel so much better about avoiding mirrors lol. We'll make a great pair at the summit. As far as the energy thing goes, we're pretty much on par there too. Wendy and I made the decision to only do two shops, then lunch and go from there. We may go nowhere from there.

Eric, soooo sorry you had to choose between two social events tonight lol. Have fun. I know you will enjoy whatever you do.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning!

In my house on Saturday mornings, I wake to the smell of bacon. (breakfast is the ONE meal my husband can handle) It is a wonderful smell to wake to. But, this morning, after finally getting winter weather, snow and cold,I also woke up to no heat or hot water! The oil company is supposed to make regular deliveries, but last Sunday we ran out of oil. They made an emergency visit and gave us 20 gallons to tide us over promising to come back on Monday to fill the tank. They forgot. So this morning my husband, who very rarely loses his temper, lost it a bit and even used the cancer card to get them here quickly. They came and the house is slowly heating up. Everyonce in a while cancer comes in handy.

Yesterday after the farm I went right to bed and slept into 7. Then, of course I was wide eyed until 2 in the morning. On the bright side I finished the sweater I was crocheting! Speaking of the farm, we rescued two miniature horses this week, Rosie and her yearling daughter Mabelline. Rosie is pregnant again and due in a month or two. Rosie is about the size of my Golden Retriever, so I can't wait to see what her newborn will look like!

MI Judy, I read The Shack a few years ago. Loved it. it gave me a lot to think about.

Eric, I share a birthday with Erma Bombeck the humorist. I guess, since her stuff always makes me laugh, that is a good thing.

Ann, sending you hugs today.

Judy in Key West, Is the Postmistress good? Right now I am reading Fall On Your Knees which I am thoroughly enjoying. I don't read a lot in the winter, I am usually busy crocheting, if only I could do both at the same time! But I read all summer long while sitting at the beach and am always looking for new books. We have an amazing used book store here that is comprised of several buildings and out door spaces filled with books, $4 a piece!

Have fun in the shops today, don't overdo it. When I go out with my sisters I usually push myself too far so they are not disappointed, but last time I told my sister that I was "done" for the day and she thanked me several times for being honest. (I admit that I still push myself too much around my kids, I don't like them to see me weak)

Katie, I hope you had a great time at your concert!

I am off to the yarn shop, one sweater done, time to start the next one. Then I will spend the rest of the day cuddled up by the fire. Winter finally came to New England.

Peace - Janet

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