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Morning All! In Wednesday's Air I said I was going to town and try to create a positive experience. I did. I went to Starbuck's in the Marriot Lobby and someone I jokingly refer to as my new best friend was still on the counter. When I answered "how are you" with "I'm terrible," she came running around the counter to give me a big hug. I also got a free latte for what I'm going thru. She remarked that I never say anything like I'm not good and she thought I was really pissed. Yeah, she hit the nail on the head. I woman I barely know but such a joy.

Janet, I love your kind of day. I used to have a family restaurant in Kutztown, PA that was like Cheers without the booze. I do miss being able to go and hang out with people who knew my name lol.

Lily, you said

I do get what my mom would can heart dropsy. My but drops and I don't have the heart to get up.
That's one I never heard before and I love it!

Bud, I'm laughing at you cooking because that what my man does when he gets bored. The parm crappie sounds very interesting and good job on the wheat bread. That must have been a feat. Stan has a venison roast in the crock box. There are HOURS in the prep including a scratch marinade. He took a receipe from Joy of Cooking and combined it at the end wih the Barefoot Contessa's Company Pot Roast. When I got up this morning, the kitchen looked like a torando went off in it.

I'm afraid things are not getting better for me and they want me back at MDA for another perioenthesis next week. I could have had it done here but I didn't see Dr T last visit and really need to talk to her.

I will only be in and out sporatically as I feel up to it. I have to split my time between office work that needs to be done.

Judy, I expect you may be feeling those side-effects more today. Do try what a nurse told me to do. Beginning with the first evening after your chemo, take the compazine at bedtime. It helps alot. Also, if you want that little something stomach soothing, try toast. Works wonders for me. And most of all, rest and pamper yourself.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi all, it's just cresting afternoon now, so Good Afternoon! Thanks for all the advice my friends, it helps. Judy you are right, the side effects are becoming more apparent today. The nausea is still not an issue, but i'll take your advice and take the medication at bed time tonight. Bud, the biggest issue right now is aching muscles. Not horrid yet, but I can tell it's going to be an issue. And my ears are ringing big time. They mentioned that a rare side effect of Cisplatin is hearing loss and that if my ears started ringing to let them know.

So of course, that is what is happening. There is nothing they can do about it this weekend, so I'll wait for Monday and see. Hopefully it's going to die down and not become an issue. If the band is still playing on full volume on Monday, I'll mention it so they can figure out what to do. One of the guys in my Gilda's group did lose his hearing from Cisplatin. He has two hearing aids now. His happened over time though. I'm glad the doctor gave me the warning, because I"m not sure i would have told them about it without it.

Last night I slept like a baby! And I slept in until 9:00 which is huge! I think the time release morphine is responsible for that so I am so glad they thought to give that to me.

Today is going to be a slow day. I need to run to the pharmacy for a prescription, but I think that will be it. Tomorrow I am invited to a girlfriend brunch/lunch that I hope to be able to go to. But we will see....

Ok, I need food in my tummy. See you all later

Thanks for your input and advice both here and on my Care Page for those of you following there.

Judy in MI

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Got my appointment for the belly drain and clinical with Dr T for next Wed. No scan as I originally understood. We'll take the coach without the car since it it one day. Wendy may run up from PSL for the onc visit with me. She hasn't been for awhile. I like to hear her questions for Dr T and her to hear mine.

Judy, everything I hear about nausea is prevention. You don't wait for it to set in but tryu to head it off.

I have to get to work on my Airline tickets and hotel reservations for Washington tomorrow. Given my state of health lately, it's going to take a real leap of faith to do it.

Done in the computer for today so if you drop in, I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Judy in KW

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Thanks for the advice on the nausea. Since it is flirting with me in an unpleasant way, I am taking your advice, and am on Compazine every four hours now.

As the day progresses, I'm not feeling well. I kind of feel like I am coming down with the flu. Nausea, aches in the muscles, and my skin hurts. We know it's not the flu. I better get out my list of home remedies and get that going. Now....where did I leave that list of home remedies?

MI Judy

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Judy and Judy, I am sorry you both seem to be going thru some tough times. I wish I could blow some magic dust in the air and make your problems get better along with everyone else here who is dealing with this cancer crap. I hope you will both settle for a cyber hug and best wishs. Heres wishing all you Irish men and ladies a Happy St. Patricks Day.My last name is Leahy so everyone thinks Im 100% Irish but I have a lot of German in me also.(PS) I hate corned beef and saurkraut both so I guess Im a lousy German and Irish both. Goodnight all!


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I'm 1/2 Irish and 1/2 German. I love corned beef and just a tiny bit of sauerkraut. Love red cabbage (also a German dish). But, the corned beef that I like has to be lean and slicked very thin - like in a deli. I assume that Mike will be eating ordinary food - good 'ole red meat and wheat products from the central plains.

Judy MI I had cisplatin and gemzar the second time I had chemo and the cisplatin made me feel just like you described. Shakey, nauseous, and achy muscles. I slept a lot beginning day 3 and took a lot of compazine (which also makes you sleepy, I think). I had zofran tablets at home, but never got very good directions on using them. The compazine did the most. Also, I ate a lot of small meals or snacks. Watch out for food that's too heavy. Oatmeal was a great comfort but it would barely hit my stomache when it was back on its way up again. Cheerios were good, soup, crackers, toast, a little ice cream. Not a good diet, however. Good luck with this. How many cycles is your doctor planning?

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


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