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Hello everyone

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Hi Nayan,

Welcome to LCSC,its a pleasure to meet you,you have certainly come to the right place if making new friends,getting experienced support is your intention for posting here,the natives are all very friendly,and should be along shortly.The buddies here are always keen to know all the medical technical stuff of your dx,this helps focus the type of support that will help you on your cancer journey.Knowing if you have SCLC or NSCLC what is your staging,what type of chemo are you receiving,is radiation of surgery being included in your treatment plan?.

Well this site is'nt all talking about cancer,we share with each other the lighter side of our lives(we should'nt really give cancer too much room in our lives)I can recommend a daily read of the forum Just for Fun,perhaps you will join in the fun of posting to it?

Got to go,looking forward to getting to know you,bye for now.

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I just wanted to add my welcome Nayan! I am so glad you found this site, you will find so many friendly people here willing to help and support. As Eric said, it helps us to know a little bit about your diagnosis and what your questions and needs are. Look around at the other forums, read old posts, and post whenever and however often you need!

peace, Janet

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Hello Nayan. Welcome. I'll be looking for more details re what type, stage and plan for tx you have. This is a great place for support and information. Keep us posted.

Donna G

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