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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! A little cooler yesterday and again today than I thought it would be early yesterday. Not quite summer yet for us. Very pleasant on the porch this morning.

Judy, I'm sorry you are having such a rough time with the chemo. Try to take Eric's advice to me "put on your big girl panties." If you can tough it out, I think it will pay off in big dividends. As I said before, I thought I'd never make it through infusion 5 & 6 on my triplet but I did and stayed on Avastin maintenance after that. In all, I got a year and a half with no progression--and I'm advanced stage. The people I've known with early stage have had terrific outcomes with follow-up chemo. Don't be sad.

Bud, I hope those lakes level out for you soon. No work and no fishing is a bummer. And gee, I hope Rose isn't having too hard a time with those hills this morning.

Janet, you amaze me with your energy. Out all day then to the pub in the evening. Glad to hear we now have a date to meet in Wash and in NYC. Gotta have hope! Do me a favor, will you, next time you are at the farm, hug a duck for me, and maybe a goat too.

Eric, glad to hear you so enjoying spring/summer. I had to laugh at your impromtu outing with the grands. Bet you were more tired after that than a whole day socializing with your peers lol. Oh, and I've got those big girl panties on.

Lily, glad to see you pop in. Busy days are good days. And thanks for the well wishes.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon everyone!!

I am in from my morning at the farm. It is VERY cold out. After a week of nothing but a sweatshirt, I was back to my full length down coat! This weather is crazy. On top of that, because of no snow, the woods are very very dry add to that, the blustery March winds and there is a bad forest fire in the State Park in the same town as the farm. Last I heard, over 50 acres have burned. I feel so bad for all the animals that live there.

Judy in KW, dont be amazed by my energy. I push myself and push myself and then crash for days! I have already gotten my pajamas on and plan on staying this way all day tomorrow! I just pick and choose where and when I need to expend my energy, and farm animals, sea chantys and my children will always win out over house cleaning and yard work!

I wil most definitely hug, not one, but two ducks for you, AND a couple of goats on Friday!

Judy in MI, I hope today is going better for you, you are in my prayers.

I hope everyone is having a good day, enjoying what makes you happy - I am off to stuff 400 eggs for the farms's egg hunt on Saturday ( they need over 3,000 stuffed!) I will do it curled up on the couch with my guinea pig and a cup of coffee!


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Good afternoon, everyone. I just can't seem to get here in the morning. Since I'm at work, I try and get as much as I can out of the way in the morning, so I miss out on arriving here early. By the time most of you read my posts, they're already a day old.

No big weather changes here on Florida's Space Coast. It's already hot and everything is still blooming. My allergies are worse than they have been for years now. I had to run in Walgreens this morning and pick up more Allegra. Thank goodness it doesn't make me sleepy or I would be spending my days curled up on the floor underneath my desk.

Lots of changes going on at work. Looks like we're losing two people at one time. One quit on Monday (no show-no notice) and another gave her two week notice on Monday. So...back to the training, which I hate. I have done my job for so many years that it's hard to stop and think what people need to be trained to do.

After work, I'm going home to make some Auxiliary phone calls to my Unit Presidents. We're at 96.42% of our District membership goal and I want to get these Units all pumped up about reaching 100%. Not likely that it will happen but you never know!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week.


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Some anxiety the past couple of days waiting to hear if the Cancer Center is going to give me appointments next Monday and Tuesday. I have a month or more planned around that schedule. It only took about four phone calls but it finally happened around 5:30 today. Yeah!!!

Janet, I know what you mean about picking where to put your energy. That's why Stan wants me to find someone to do the business office work. But Ann, what you said about training, I hate it and dread it too. And allergies up your way are awful. It's not we don't get them here but nothing like when we are in Orlando.

Got an invite to lunch and hanging at a yacht club pool Thursday so I have something good to look forward to. Of course, camouflaging my already extending belly won't be easy.

Have a good evening.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon everyone!

It's another 80 degree afternoon here, but windier than the last couple of days.

Rose and I did just over 39 miles in the club ride this morning. Rose came home and crashed for a couple of hours, so it's safe to say the hills wore her out.......LOL.

I enjoyed last night's support group, but not the drive home. I was doing 70 mph on I-35W when I hit a ladder that was laying in the middle of the road. By the time I got stopped, this is what my left rear tire looked like.


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