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Friday's air


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Good morning. I decided to jump in here and open the air. We are getting so many days of rain and can't get out that I am looking for a breath of air. Keep a window open most of the time but am hoping the air here is better and happier today.

I say happier because of Andrea losing her mom and I am still very concerned about Judy KW. Has anyone heard from her?

Sad news here about a one year old baby boy. He was reported missing yesterday morning by the mother. Last night they found his body and have charged the mom's boy friend with murder. Crazy wiorld.

Still working on projects and doing a lot for of things to keep things moving and get people out of their apartments during this crazy time of weather. Keeping up my exercise but have not done much walking. I did take some time off and just played the slots on facebook but it is time to get busy with some other things now.

Judy MI good to see you post and hope the different chemo works against the cancer and lets you have good days after it. Diane I know that you are worried too. I hope all works out well. Still haven't seen anything about Sara or a couple of others in a long time.

There was one woman who posted last year from somewhere around New Orleans, her name was Kimmie. I never saw anything from her again. Has anyone read about her or from her sense then?

Well I had better run or I will not do the exercises that I need to do here before fitness. I do more and it is more intense than at fitness. To a lot of people it would seem mild but for me it is a good workout. Most people in our class just don't stay with it enough for it to get intense. I haven't lost more than a few pounds but my pants keep trying to fall down and I have to pull them up. I guess that is a good sign that it is working. I need to get to the sewing machine and start taking some tucks.

Have a great day!

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Good Afternoon Everyone.

Actually this post or at least what I remember of it was typed up last night,rather a bit long winded I have to add,perhaps God was giving you a bit of a break,since completing it,and pressing the submit button,it just vanished,I was left staring at the log on page,why can I not type this in word ,copy and paste it here,see I am doing it again?.

Busy day yesterday,I completed my SIGN guidelines draft,and printed it off to share with my fellow layperson on the committee,I met George in Glasgow and took him to the Horseshoe Bar for lunch and a pint.George is a remarkable guy,survived prostate cancer and also pancreatic cancer,which he was dxd with in 2005,remarkable survivorship from such a deadly cancer,he also lost his wife a couple of years ago to lung cancer,which she only survived 8 months after her dx.Little of our conversation of four hours related to the SIGN document,but sharing our respective life stories,George is a polymath I think is the word,a real clever clogs,speaks several languages fluently including Latin and Greek,I have trouble with just English,really fascinating to listen to,our time together just flew by,he has suggested we meet up once a month from now on to continue our new friendship.

28 years ago yesterday my daughter Jennifer was born,I am meeting her with Chris,his Mum and Dad and two younger brothers tonight,going out for a meal,so looking forward to it.My memories take me back to Bellshill Maternity Hospital,reluctantly I was present to witness the birth,seems this had become the norm here for the modern male,I was more concerned about fainting or throwing up,fortunately I was spared the scene as due to "fetal distress the doc ushered me out the delivery room to the waiting room to take Sally away for a ceasarian section.I had been over the many hours popping downstairs to the canteen for eats and drinks,I was gowned up in my whites,I got the best of attention from the canteen staff on each visit,until one of the ladies asked "Which branch of medicine do you do doctor", me,"Doctor?","I am not a doctor",boy did I get a telling off from this canteen lady,you would have thought I had been posing as doctor, delivering babies,how was I to know you are not allowed to leave the delivery area wearing your whites?.Anyway,at last the nurses bring bring a little Jennifer to me for my introduction,I hold her,feeling a bit awkward,wondering what I am supposed to do now?what if she starts crying?,I remember this feeling again when we brought her home,placing her in her cot,and the fear of,what happens now?,wish I could turn the clock back such blissful days,now impatiently waiting to be a grandad,when all my Daughter wants to do is persue a teaching and acting career,rats.

Hi Janet,I am so envious of you living by the seaside,I used to take my dog Sam to North Berwick to the beach there its beautiful,always had a dream of buying a house their when I retired,another beautiful spot to visit if you can get to Scotland is a little seaside fishing village up on the Moray Firth along from Inverness called Cullen,I would love to have a holiday home there,maybe if I win the lottery?.

Hi Dianne,I arrive in WashingtonDC on the 2nd of May until the 8th,i was planning on visiting New York before flying home on the 17th of May,will you be attending the Hope Summit?.Iam so looking forward to this event,meeting you all "in the flesh".

I still cannot get JudyKWs absence out of my mind,I do hope everything is all right, its just the not knowing thats getting to me.

Special good wishes to you Judy of MI,nice to read how chirpy your posts are,well done you after all you have gone through and stil are on the road to full recovery.

Apologies to anyone I may have missed,its not intentional as much as my senile dymensia kicking in.Bye for now,have a great day.

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Ooops sorry folks just looking at the above,still got a bit carried away with my typewriter,i am just off to change its ribbon LOL.

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Well, Lily and I wrote at the same time! So I'm copying and pasting my entry here!

Well, I'll take a chance and write a quick hello. I see a spammer here trying to cause trouble. But good Friday to you all. The weather is again, just spectacular again. Each night I have to cover my Japanese maple, and a couple of other precious plants with bed sheets, and each morning have to uncover them to let them soak in Mom Nature's sun. I've yet to get out there yet.

Chemo went good. Talked again about my fatigue and constant need to fall asleep. I have their attention now, and they are taking 3 blood reports in a row to evaluate. They were looking at them each day, standing on their own. But when you look at 3 weeks worth you see that my white blood counts, hemoglobin and other counts are off.

Hemoglobin is at 9 consistently, even after blood. White bloodcells consistently at 3, should be 4 to 11. I don't know what a bunch of these are on the sheet, but there are a lot of L's for Low on there. The nurse thinks there's something going on with my bone marrow now.

At least I have someone's attention now. Maybe I can wake up enough to pay attention to someone now! The SOB, dizziness, heart palps are all signs now to look for. She said at the sign of any of these to come in (M-F) for blood work and possible transfusion. On the weekend, head for ER with the blood work paperwork.

Until they can figure out what is making everything whacky, they will just give me blood I guess.

I'm just glad they have found a pattern that makes sense. I can't wait to WAKE UP! LOL

Have a good day.


MI Judy

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Good afternoon friends!

I was so hoping to wake up this morning and see the air opened by Judy in KW. She is on my mind 24/7 lately.

Lily- your excersise regime tires me out just reading about it!! No wonder your pants are starting to fall off! Your FB posts about your walks made me for a slight second think I should get outside and do the same -but the feeling passed - and here I sit on the couch!!

Eric - Happy Birthday wishes to your daughter!!! I have the same "grandchild" problem on my end - my children have no intention of even marrying anytime soon - they want to live a little first, get their careers going. Outwardly I whine about it, but inside I am so very proud of the choices they are making. When I was their age if a girl wasn't engaged before she graduated college, that was a very scary thing!

Judy in MI - I am so glad you finally have the doctors listening to you - that is half the battle. I kept telling everyone how tired I was - and until it was so bad that I wasnt functioning they kind of ignored it. Then they looked at all my medications and every single one of them said - may cause fatique - DUH! I pray that you are feeling more like yourself SOON!

I just got in from my volunteer work at the farm. We have a miniature horse there that is due any second. She looks so miserable!! I feel so bad for her, hopefully she will have it soon. They offered me a pair of ducklings to take home. Owning ducks has always been a dream of mine, but I think my husband would kill me!! We only live on 1/3 an acre, and we have a Golden Retriever, probably not the best combo - but baby ducks???!!! Maybe he won't notice!!

I am going to spend the rest of the day on the couch. The farm does me in for the rest of the day. But it is more than worth it!

Peace everyone!

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Janet, your note about the ducklings and the golden retriever made me smile. We have a german short hair pointer (Gibson), hunting breed like yours is. We drove by a farm yesterday with free range chickens on it, and my husband wondered how long they would be ranging if our Gibson was around.

We were asked over to someone's house recently to help them "scent" out a rare pheasant that had got loose. Our pointer was supposed to find the bird and "point" it. Well that day he was feeling more than pointy. Oops. Rare bird dead. The guy was so bummed, but understood, they are dogs, and bred to do just what they do, hunt! (and sometimes a kill gets in there). :-)

Judy in MI

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As for Judy in KW? I went sleuthing around and found her son! I've messaged him, and posted a link here to one of his Mom's latest posts so he could see that I'm for real. I am hoping he will respond back to me. I gave him my phone # and the link to the main web site here too.

Obviously I will let you all know if I hear anything.

Her last opening post at the Air was 4/1/2012.

MI Judy

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