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Tuesday's Air

Janet B

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so, I just had a long cry out on my deck, the sobby, blubbery kind that probably has my neighbors wondering. But then I decided that Judy in KW would be sad that no one had opened the air yet today, so, even though my heart is not really in it, here we are.

Judy and I had promised to meet at the Hope Summit. I am praying like crazy that she has an amazing turn around and makes it there, but the wind has been knocked out of my sails a bit, and the excitement for the Summit has dropped considerably. Add to that, my husband just announced that he couldn't bring me after all, so now transportation is a huge issue. I am in a major funk.

Ok, bright side of life. It is April and it is in the 90s. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the beach is crowded! How odd is that? It is actually steamy hot outside. My favorite kind of weather.

Add to that - at 3:30 today I am going to finally knock another item off my Life List - I pick up my Beetle. Not just any old Beetle, a bright yellow Beetle. Now, If a bright yellow beetle of my very own can't cheer me up a little, nothing can.

I have been dreaming of this car since I was a little kid. And, if we look at things in an odd perspective, I would never have gotten one, at least not for many more years, if I did not have Lung Cancer. The first thing going on my new Beetle, the lung cancer awareness ribbon car magnet!!!

I will be taking my car right to the grocery store to buy something yummy and wonderful to make my husband for dinner as a thank you. Getting this car was one of the most generous things he has ever done for me. Although, he said that now I have to live 3 years, since that is how long the lease is for, since he has no desire to own a yellow Beetle! I think I will take that deal!

Lots of people came on the air yesterday. It was wonderful to hear from so many of you. Let's keep it up. Let's keep this air going. For Judy in KW.


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Janet, you know Judy would want you to enjoy that bright yellow Beetle, so have fun in it and enjoy the sun smiling down on you. We are all heartbroken that Judy is so ill. So many times she encouraged me during my mom's battle that I just feel like she is family. Nonetheless, I know she would be telling you to be happy for achieving your dream, because nothing pisses LC off more than a happy survivor!


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Hi you guys, Hey Janet, great news for you on the beetle. It'll make you easy to spot if you drive to D.C. You could take Amtrack, they make it pretty easy, I do it all the time. heavy thoughts for the last couple months. Keep the faith everybody. Cancer is a mean mean b*stard, we all have to fight it and fight it hard. If it was easy, it wouldn't be called a fight. Nothing new I know, it just gives me the blues.

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Janet - Good for you for opening the air, and also to Susan and Alan for pitching in. I really didn't much feel like coming by myself, but Alan is right and we have to keep the faith.

Congrats on the new car - I was hoping you would get a yellow bug - I think that's the best color and you will look great cruising this summer!

The sun sounds wonderful - I'm ready, but its nowhere to be found here. Just clouds. It is supposed to get warmer - so maybe I can finally put my sweaters away:) Allergies have been awful, so am using that as an excuse to drive over to the coast for the weekend maybe and forget about the scan and eat some good seafood. Even if its raining there it is somehow nicer than when it rains here.

. . . nothing pisses LC off more than a happy survivor!

Susan - I love that . . . Thanks!

Good evening all.

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Janet, your post touched me. You got your dream YELLOW beetle! How fun! And your hubby said you have to live out the lease. You better! How nice.

Of course we are sad about Judy, it breaks my heart. It seems there were so many times that it was the Judy in KW and the Judy in MI AIR, but we both wanted to see this forum keep going. I'm just praying that this set-back is just that, and soon she will be back here sharing her busy days and her sunny outlook!

Let's see if this picture will post! I can just see you now!


Hope it came with the cute little flowers inside!

Judy in MI

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you need some flower decals to really brighten up that little bug of yours!! I read a lot and pray alot even if I do not post a ot so... jsut so you know I am always around.. Janet now go have a talk with God under the stars tonight. he hears prayers better with no roof in the way.

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The air in "JUST FOR FUN" hasn't been much fun since Judy KW became so ill. :( I know that she would want it to go on , even in her absence. I just pray that she will be back here again very soon telling us how she is feeling much better.

Janet, I can see you in the YELLOW Beetle and I know the very thought of it would put a big smile on the face of Judy KW, just as it does all of us. When I met my hubby, he had a shiny black Beetle. He was just out of the Marines and had saved to buy that little car and he never loved another car as much as that one.

Good to see you all here. I never know what to say on these airs. The air was lovely today in Norfolk , Virginia, a sunny day in the upper 70's.

It's nearly time for a new day and a new air, so I will say good night. Headed to bed and saying extra prayers for our Judy in KW.


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