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Saturday's dusty Air!


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I am not sure if anyone posts the "Air" on the weekend, but my husband has decided it is not "safe" for me to be outside while he is mowing the lawn. Something about me breathing dusty air into my lungs and lung cancer! :D

So here I sit, inside our cottage, on a beautiful, warm sunny day. It was the first time I had been here in awhile and I was enjoying being outside and messing with my plants, ornamental grasses and putting out some yard ornaments. I tried putting up a fuss, but since the grass did need mowing I made, or more accurately, stormed into the cottage and got onto the LCSC site. I do have to admit the air conditioning feels good, my ice tea is ice cold and I can go out later when he finishes mowing!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I was even able to enjoy some time in the cooler evening air in the hot tub last night! First time of the summer. We have a Realtor coming tomorrow to find out what the place is worth and what our options are for selling or renting out as a vacation rental. No decisions tomorrow, just a starting point. Meanwhile I think my lawnmowing husband might be nearly done. He just popped in his head to see what I was doing (and probably to see if I had "cooled off")!


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Good Evening Susan,

Posts into LCSC are becoming scarcer seven days a week,not just at weekends,missing so many of our regulars (hope its not me putting people off?).

End of a busy Saturday for me,1 am this morning I completed the Glasgow Dream Walk as a Steward accompanying about 500 woman along the town centre at the River Clyde.It did rain most of the journey but it did'nt dampen the spirits of the lady walkers,who for an additional bit of fun were all wearing their pyjamas.Prior to the walk setting off,the everyone was entertained by a womens drum band who were just great,there were also warm up Zumma? sessions.I did take lots of pics of course,not very successfully this time,I had to delete many due to being out of focus due to not using a tripod for the night scenes and some problems with the auto focus in my camera?.One of the bridges we crossed over the River Clyde at the outset of our walk was closed off on our return leg,not just to pedestrians but to traffic in both directions,as we detoured that bridge we could could see all the police cars blocking the bridge,and a focus of police at the highest point of the bridge,obviously working at persuading the person male/female to come down from the parapet.I have'nt since watched any of the TV news progs about the outcome, as yet.

I attended the Guiness Book of World Records attempt today at the Glasgow High School ( a fee paying private school),myself, along with a couple of other men amongst approx 350 women,we performed a Bryan Adams song called When Your Gone,early returns show that over 9000 persons throughout the UK participated,which is approx a 1000 more than the current record,so a little bit of history has been made today,it was real fun to do.

ABC tomorrow,then to sister Dots,some fun and games with the grandkids Jack and Emma,then off to the Cluthie Inn to see the Morgan Lee Band perform at 6.00pm,home to see the TV recording of Italy beating England in the Euro Soccer Championships Quarter Finals,well,that would be my dream scenario for a perfect end to a wonderful weekend.I do hope you all have had a super weekend too,bye everyone.

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