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Mondays Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Hope you are all well?its been a while since I last posted here,thought I would share with you whats going on in my backyard currently.Friday last we had the Olympian Parade through the streets of Glasgow,quite an occassion,most of the stars were there,though our tennis hero Andy Murray was absent,think everyone had a great time.Friday eve I was invited to attend a leaving party for my friend Sarah Swain who is leaving her job as a reporter for the Evening Times to take up a Editor of a Magazine in Dubai.Sarah had interviewed me some months ago for the newspaper for a feature called Clear the Air Campaign,it was later published as a two page spread,the campaign still continues,Sarah was actually given a journalist of the year award for her work with the newspaper and is in the running for some further award.Sarah's father had died some years ago to lung cancer,and she has made it part of her life to raise awareness of lung cancer issues in her work as a reporter.Since my interview with Sarah,we have become facebook friends so I hope to keep in touch with her in Dubai.She will be sadly missed by the lung cancer community in Scotland.

I did mention here about me being successful in a job application for a front of house post,for Motherwell Theatre and Airdrie's John Wilson Theatre,I think they have held back my starting date,until the refurbishment of the Airdrie Theatre was complete,so I have been invited to attend a training course next week,its for three evenings,Mon,Tues and Wed,I am so looking forward to beginning work,not sure of my hours though,looking at the Theatres programmes,seems I could be working Thurs-Sat evenings two weeks on two weeks off?,however this will probably increase when Panto season starts in December.I love the theatre so I am going to spend,I hope,a lot of my time watching the shows,maybe get to meet the stars?.

Well my outdoor lawn bowling season is drawing to a close,so the indoor season has commenced,I play Tues and Thurs evenings,however my new job may interfere with the Thurs evenings bowls.

Summer is being replaced by Autumn,not that we had much of a summer this year with all the rainy days the UK has had,its been our wettest summer since 1912 according to the Met office,hope at least our winter this year will be a bit milder than of recent years?.I love the Autumn here in Scotland great photo opertunities as the forests become a blase of colours,apparently because of the wet summer,the forests are going to give a particularly special show this year?.

I have a couple of trips to Birmingham in Oct to look forward to,only ever passed through this City some years ago,funny having two invitations to visit within a week of each other,one is the Roy Castle Annual delegates conference,the other the first meet up of Cancer Buddies Network,I suggested such a meeting and what you know?,everyone there agreed, so its on,so looking forward to meeting for the first time online faces.

Think I have rambled on long enough,thanks for your forbearance if you have read thus far,Bye for now.

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Good afternoon Eric -- at least it's afternoon here in the Pacific Northwest. I always enjoy your posts - they are so interesting. I'm afraid my days are quite boring in contrast. I am looking forward to hearing all about your new job.

I am starting to drive a new couple to treatment this week - it is their first appt. with the radiology people and they are anxious, but seem like a really nice couple. We are busy at work, which is a really nice change after the last few years. I am taking Friday off to meet a friend at a resort north of here. We are just going to spend the one night catching up, but lots of wine and food, so should be really nice. We try to do this a couple time a year, meeting at different places - the idea is that neither one of us has to drive too far that way.

Our air quality is still not good from the fires so I'm still cooped up inside most of the time. I sure hope the air clears up soon. I can go out of course - but after an hour or two my breathing gets worse and it takes a couple days to get over it. So just not worth it.

Hope everyone has had an uneventful Monday.


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I remember when I first discovered this site I wondered what I was going to do with all my free time. Eric suggested I find some relaxing and exercise activities. At the time I was just beginning to recover with the benefit of my current chemotherapy. Now I have gotten a pool membership and have been going 3 times a week for about a month now. I "move" in the warm excercise pool. Swim my form of "laps" with the help of a swim noodle, and spend 45 minutes exercising my muscles. I have even met some other "older folks" like me who appreciate the 95 degree water on achey muscles and joints. I am finding my new normal. I am not as busy as Eric, but he had a head start on recovery!

I also got an 8 week old Pomeranian puppy and that is keeping me busy too!

Hope everyone else is well and keeping busy!


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Hey folks. Great to see an air being started. Good on you Eric.

Congratulations on getting the job at the theater. Sounds like an ideal situation getting paid with the benefits of doing something you enjoy.

Fall has already started here and I have about 80 acres of Poplar tree's behind my house that are really changing color. What type of indoor bowling do you do ? I was a certified judge and score keeper for 5 pin. My daughter was ranked # 3 in Canada.

Diane I hope you have a great time with your friend at the resort. Sorry to hear that the air hasn't cleared up yet.

Sue you are really getting in to the swing of things with the swimming and I'm sure the puppy will keep you busy.

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Hi Bruce,

good to hear from you,I just popped in for a moment before heading out to my yoga class,the out door lawn bowls game is the same one for the indoors,only played on a green fine carpet material.you have four bowls which have a weight in one side (bias) you have to bowl towards a white small Jack the team or player count off their bowls nearest to the jack after bowling.Super fun,and everyone playing the game are such nice people.

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Puppy. Puppy! PUPPY :D --- I need to see your puppy, Sue!

My new little guy is 11 weeks old now, and quite a character already. They're a lot of work at this age but they are so much fun that they're worth it!

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