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I'm still in love with my Timothy, and it feels good!


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Hi there. I'm back after a long span of time. My love passed on 8 years ago next month (December 19). There's been a lot of growth on my part as well as our kids. I can honestly say I am happy and doing well. I call it 'evolution'.

I am a great reader of authors such as Mark Nepo, Rob Bell, Richard Rohr, Paul Coutinho and Neil Walsch.

I am convinced that these authors were sent to me via Tim somehow. I have had many questions answered through these authors. You can tell in your 'gut' when something is true. I firmly believe there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Sending good vibes to all who have lost any loved ones. As time passes, I am losing more and more of my true friends. I've decided that death is not to be feared. If we truly loved them while they were here, then we can continue to feel their closeness. They are simply in a changed form now. And we shall all meet again in some unknown way.

Blessings everyone. Cyndy

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Hi Katie. I do remember you. It's good to see you still here.

I retired from teaching vocal music in 2007 and am now active in community affairs as well as taking classes and workshops at the local college. I also enjoy using the computer, managing a couple of websites and using Facebook. I travel a bit with my travel buddy who, also lost her hubbie three years ago.

Wishing you Happy Holidays as the season is approaching.

Thanks for working on this site and helping others, as you do.

It helped me tremendously back in 2004 when I needed it so badly. :)


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Hi Cyndy, I am 4 months ahead of you on this journey and like you am living a happy and productive life. Just lost my part time job and felt a little lost for a few weeks. But now I consider it a gift and am looking on how to reinvent myself. This crazy life certainly does offer us many opportunities.

We do survive. And we do it successfully. We continue to love and remember.

I am happy to hear that you are doing well.

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Hi Ginny! I am very glad to hear from you. Like old times.

You actually made my day by responding today. It's like we're in the same club that no one wants to really be in. We do have a lot in common, though we've never met.

Yes, if we consider everything we receive as a 'gift', things suddenly become tolerable.

I now have a travel partner, a good friend who lost her husband 3 years ago. This has helped a lot too. I was actually following your posts 8 years ago to see how you were handling things.

Wishing you the best during the upcoming holidays. For me, family and good friends have been an answer. I imagine it's the same for you.


Cyndy H.

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Like you Cyndy, my BFF of over 50 years is my travel companion. We have done 6 trips, Italy, a riverboat through Provence, a bus trip in Ireland, a riverboat from Amsterdam to Vienna, bus trip through England, Scotland and Wales and just in September we did Prague to Budapest. I am just about cathedrals overdone and am considering a golf trip for 2013. Unfortunately my best friend does not golf but I have many friends that do.

I have tried dating and find I do no enjoy it. Family and friends are the best (and they don't expect me to fold their laundry, lol).

If you would like, pm me your telephone #.

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