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eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just having a quiet night to myself after the hurly burly of these past few days,I am so busy of late,gymming,bowling,front of house theatre,great to have some time just to relax and "talk" to my friends here.Looking out my study window to the darkness illuminated by street lighting,the first of our winter snow is falling,its a lovely peaceful scene,a winter wonderland as I can best describe it.

I have had a cold these last two weeks I cannot shake,its got into my chest,so I had an appointment with my doc yesterday,who confirmed my lungs are congested,she prescribed a course of anti-biotics to take for a week or so,so hopefully this will clear away the infection.

Busy week ahead,plenty of Panto to look forward to,Andre Reiu Concert on Friday Eve,thinking of putting on my kilt ensemble for the occassion,well, he and his orchestra put in such an effort dressing up for these performances,the girls in the orchestra wear 18th Century crinoline dresses,the guys in tuxedos,so I just have to join in the spirit of the occassion,I think this is Andres first visit to Scotland,most of his concerts are filmed,so maybe I will get my visage on film, LOL.Saturday, going to see my friends the Morgan Lee Band perform in the Clutha Bar in Glasgow.Sunday ABC in the morning, then on to the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum for a Christmas Carol Service sponsored by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,its called Celebrate A Life at Christmas,its a lovely service dedicated to the memory of everyone who has passed away to Lung Cancer,they have a sixty size choir with a Salvation Army Band,an audience of approx 500,my reading is an extract from Charles Dickens Pickwick Papers,just thought I would share it with you here.

"I read these words now,many miles distant from the spot at which,year after year,we met on that day,a merry and joyous circle.

Many of the hearts that throbbed so happily then,have ceased to beat;many of the looks that shone so brightly then,have ceased to glow;the hands we grasped,have grown cold;the eyes we sought,have hid their lustre in the grave;and yet the old house,the room,the merry voices and smiling faces,the jest,the laugh,the most minute and trivial circumstances connected with those happy meetings,crowd upon our mind at each recurrance of the season,as if our last meeting had been but yesterday!

Happy,happy Christmas,that can win us back to our childish days;that can recall the pleasures of youth;that can transport the sailor and the traveller,thousands of miles away,back to his own fireside and his quiet home!"

It, to me is dedicated to my memories of departed friends,who live on in my heart,JudyMI,Stephanie,Ned,Dawn,Susan and my dear sister Linda.

Goodnight all,wishing you a super next week.

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You keep so busy I don't know where you get the energy. I hope your cold is better soon. Please take good care of yourself my friend.

Kind of slow here in Louisiana. My kids and grandkids are most all working during the week. I get a good visit with my daughter in law. They tell me I am not wearing out my welcome but at times I feel like I should give them more time without me but they won't say that.

Normally I would spend some time at my daughters house with her husband while he is in from off shore but they are having problems and she has moved out. I stayed there with my grandkids while he was offshore. He had me over for dinner with them the night before Thanksgiving with him and the kids and that was nice. I love my daughter and will always stand by her but Brian and I have always been great friends so this is all hard. I don't want to make it akward for either of us.

I spent the day with my youngest son yesterday and we really had a good visit. My daughter in law was at a holiday brunch with some friends from the float she rides in the Mardi Gras parade. My granddaughter spent the night at a girlfriends so it was just us and my grandson but he pretty much sticks to his room. He will be 16 on Sunday and is already towering over the whole family. My son is taking him to the deer camp for the weekend and I will miss them while I am there. My son smoked some ribs that were great but I think I spent too much time in the smoke because I was coughing again last night.

Well it is time for me to finish paying my bills and get a shower so I am off of here. I made out ok with the 10 year aniversary of Johnny's death yesterday. I guess having so many other things on my mind helped ease that pain. Anyway have a great day everyone.

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