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Good morning everyone. I am spending the weekend at my youngest son's house. He is getting things ready to head out to Mississippi to their deer camp. Sunday is my grandson's 16th birthday and he is hoping to kill a deer. He shot his first a little over a month ago and now he has deer fever!

Weather here is very warm and humid. My sinus problem goes away during the day normally then comes back in the evening. It is bothering me more here. I am not sure if it is because of the cat in the house or something else. Ever sense they moved into this house 20 years ago I can smell gas the minute Iame and checked numerous times and never found a leak. I am extra sensitive to odors and always have been so I smell it the minute I walk in the door. They are used to it so don't notice it. I smell it and feel like I am breathing it in with every breath I take. I am hoping that is not my problem so I can spend more time here.

I am really not sure about what we are doing for Christmas this year. Normally we would have a party at my daughters on Christmas eve and the whole family would be there then everyone would cook something and bring it there for Christmas dinner. Now with them seperated everything will be different. She doesn't live there, just my son in law and two of my grandchildren and my grandson's girl friend. My son in law goes off shore to work and will be gone for Christmas. While he is gone my daughter will be there for Chrismas morning with the kids and they want me to go too so I guess I will be there in the morning then here for dinner. I don't know when I will see my other son and his family. Not sure if they will be here for dinner or not. They may do a dinner at their house. My granddaughter and her family will be down too so not sure about the room situation.,

Life sure was simplar when they were together., I love my daughter and will stand by her no matter what but I know she is wrong. It has made it very hard for my grandchildren and my son in law. He and I have always been close. He already said I could stay there anytime but when the kids are working I think it would be akward and I don't want to make it any harder on anyone than it is already.

Sorry about having so much to say. I guess I just need an uninterest party to talk to about all of this.

My grandson and his wife are going to have a baby in July. It will be their first. They were afraid for a while that she would not be able to have a child because of health issues, one being scholiosis(sp). Needless to say we are all excited and a little worried too. Also my oldest grandson and his girl friend are having a house built. They started framing it up this week. He is really happy and excited. He worked so hard to get his degree and now has a great job in an accounting firm in New Orleans. I am very proud of and for him.

Now I guess instead of going on so much about my family I should ask how all of you are doing and what traditions you have for the holidays and how have they changed in recent years?

I do miss all of the baking and candy making that I used to do but with my back as bad as it is I doubt I could stand in one spot long enough anymore. I know that I will probably be testing it in the next few days because my granddaughter and her boy friend want me to make fried chicken for them. I don't know what it is about my fried chicken but they all swear it is the best. On tap later is a batch of chicken and cheese empanadas with my son's neighbor. She is going to buy all of the fixings and help me roll out the tortillas so it shouldn't be as hard as it usually is. Normally it takes me most of the day.

Oh well have a great weekend everyone and Katie you are a good caring person and I know that siminar must have been a shock. Unfortunately their are many who do that and I know it was because of something like that that I lost Johnny far too soon. Doctors and nurses wanted to show him off as their prize patient until the anxiety started and they waited too long to address it. After that they just wanted to get rid of him. Ten years but I will never forget and my compassion has mulitiplied sense then.

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Hi Lily -- nice to see you and just you -- no spammers yet! I understand about the family and Xmas. Our middle son is in the midst of a divorce and things are very different. Instead of being here for Xmas, he and the grandkids will be here the weekend before to celebrate as their mother gets them on Xmas. That is just fine, but then his younger brother and his kids plan to be here on Xmas day, so I guess i will be putting on two Xmas dinners. Personally I just hate this - but like you don't want to make things any harder for anyone than it already is so I'm trying to just go with the flow and keep the emphasis especially this year more on what the meanting of Xmas really is versus all the commercialism. Easier said than done of course. I hope you have a peaceful Xmas and are able to enjoy all the members of your family.

By the way, I am sorry you have such a good nose -- I do too and it is a curse!

I must have missed something - am not sure what happened with Katie's seminar? Katie - whatever it was I hope it has resolved and things are good. Maybe it was something on FB, and I still am not the biggest of FB people.

It is cold and gray here - not raining at least. I got an emergency call from one of the patients I'm driving and she has been really sick. They wanted her to come in to get fluids, so I took her. Her husband has dementia though, so whenever she has to be gone she has to get someone to come sit with him. It has really reminded me of just how important our caregivers are. If I try to imagine myself going through treatment without my husband and family, I simply can't. I don't think I've ever really thanked them enough. For all you present and former caregivers out there -- you are ANGELS!!

Hope everyone has a safe and peaceful weekend.

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its actually 4.20am here in Bonnie Scotland,I know, I should be in bed sleeping at this moment in time.Friday at 8.00pm I was in the SECC in Glasgow with 8000 of my fellow Scots watching a concert of Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra,it was their first visit to Scotland and I bet not their last time given the reception they received.I just love their music,such a joy to listen to,I did get home by midnight so what did I do on returning home?why play a DVD of a concert they gave recently in Italy,Lake Constantine,on the Island of Flowers,absolutely brilliant,if heaven has such an orchestra,take me there.

Hi Lillian,sorry about your daughters marital problems,its just a shame if life dos'nt turn out the way we expect,or hope for,my marriage is a prime example.I may not have a marriage to speak of,but I do still have a joyful and fullfilling life,you mention Christmas habits,for many,many years,my wifes parents,Betty and George would receive Sally and I at their homes on Christmas Eve,we would attend the midnight carol service and return to their home to share a hot mug of home made Scottish Broth,then we would open our respective presents in turn,shortly afterwards off to bed,Christmas Day,just wonderful,relaxed conversations,watch the favourite TV progs eg the Morecamme and Wise Christmas Special,skip the Queens Speech to the Nation(sorry)and have the most wonderful Christmas Dinner.Sadly Betty and George have passed on,what would I give, just to share one more Christmas with them,but I have to be so grateful for the times I did get to share that special occassion with them.This year,my daughter Jennifer and boyfriend Chris will come to us for Christmas Dinner,I will be blessed if they can enjoy the pleasures that I experienced in sharing Betty and Georges company.

Time for bed,goodnight everyone,may this Christmas be your best ever.

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