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Tuesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Tuesdays indoor bowls league finished until January,quite happy to be in my warm and snug home tonight,without having to go back out.Its been below freezing in Scotland for several days now,its been all sunny blue skies though,no rain or snow,just super for walking in all wrapped up,the overnight frost dos'nt thaw during the day its that cold,so everywhere is coated white with the frost,its just so beautiful.

Sunday,I gave my reading at the Carol Memorial Service in the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum,we were supported with a Salvation Army Band,a choir from Steppes,also a childrens choir from a local School,it was such a beautiful occassion,there was'nt a spare seat to be had for the service,it was so well attended by the public.The interior of the refurbished Victorian building is just a magnificiant setting,its really nice that the museum gifts its facilities to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation every year for this carol service absolutely free of charge.

I returned to my Docs today about my cough and runny nose,which still remains with me despite a course of anti-biotics the Doc prescribed for my "congested lungs",I finished the pills last Wednesday.Good news the Doc pronounced both my lungs clear,that my cough can be treated using vic in a basin of boiling water and me inhaling the vapours with the towel over my head.My daughter not happy,she wanted me to be referred for an x-Ray?,since this is similar to my situation 4 years ago,just prior to my dx,I do think though its just a cold this time though,oh daughters?.

Still doing my front of house Pantos,enjoying the primary school kids interaction with the cast,such noise they can create,cheering the goodies and booing the baddies,scene at the end,the baddy has lost the sword fight with Aladdin,with sword to his neck,the kids are asked, will we set the baddy free? Noooo cries a few hundred kiddy voices,shall we kill him then? Yesssss is screamed by these same few hundred voices,what a bloodthirsty lot Scottish kids are.

Dinner time,got to go,enjoy the rest of your day everyone,bye.

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