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Saturday's Air

Janet B

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I miss the air, the way it was when multiple people came on a day. When we knew about each others live's and made lasting friendships. Do you think it's time has past?

Mary, I haven't tried the Ensure yet, I did drink chocolate Boost when I was going through chemo and did find it much better when I got it really cold, It never dawned on me to add extra chocolate!

As for Hope Summit, last year my husband did just what your husband has planned. He spent the days exploring D.C. And I think he really enjoyed doing it alone, at his own pace. As far as free time at the Summit, there isn't much!! Some people went out together after the night activities, and I recall that there were a couple of hours on Saturday between the sessions and dinner, but I used it to take a nap! Katie would be the one to get an idea of this years schedule. I WILL say it was wonderful! It was just so nice to meet and talk with so many people who understood. The age range was from 24 to, I think 80's. We all chatted, learned And laughed together. we ate well, and bowled poorly! I can't wait to go back.

In a minute I am headed out to Long Island for a memorial service for my Uncle who passed away before Christmas. It will be an interesting trip, my two sisters and I and all three husbands are going together in one minivan. Lets see if we still like each other by 7:00 tonight!!

Snowed again last night, and supposed to snow a little all day, life in New England! Some school districts in the state haven't been to school in a week!

Today my daughter is taking the first of her medical boards. She is a nervous wreck (I am confident she will do fine). prayers though are welcome! She will make an awesome doctor!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!


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Hi Janet. I miss the air too. I come everyday but most days no one has been here. Make a post and no one responds. Makes me feel like I am scaring people off :!::lol:

Busy here trying to get back into the groove. I gained back all I had lost last year sense my surgery in August. Exercise to help control weight and so I can loosen up enough to function. Seems to really help my back.

It is so hard to get people to get up and take part in anything but I keep trying.Today we have our pokeno and then later an ice cream social and cookie exchange. I made so soft ginger cookies. Just hope others bring something. Later it is Wii bowling. We have about 5 of us who do that. Trouble is unless it is free food it is always the same few people who show up. A lot of the problem I think is from so many new people who just don't know anyone. There used to be a few of us who sat outside when the weater was nice. That is how we met new people and they became more open to getting envolved. After my friend Maxine died not many go out any more. I tried a few times but gave up. I guess when the weather stays nice I will have to try again. Anyway I do what I can and hope for the best. I just hate to see people stay in their apartments all of the time. I really believe in that old saying "use it or lose it".

Well guess I will run. I made some chili beans yesterday for lunch today then I need to start a baby blanket. I have 2 to crochet by the end of July when my next two great grandbabies are born. I am working on one quilt for the 2 year old and cut out pieces for McKenna's. Then I will need to make 3 more, One for my newest great grandson and one for each of the ones on the way. Just hope my hands will hold out. Having trouble with them now typing. They go to sleep and ache like corpral tunnel.

Take care everyone and if you are reading please drop us a note. We really need to get the air going again.

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Hi everyone! Yes, I remember how busy this topic used to be and I hope it will pick up again soon :)

Went out to dinner last night. Jumbo shrimp....it was really good. Best part of the dinner though was a nice glass of wine to go with it!

It's really cold today. Daytime high is only going to reach 27 degrees. I sure will be glad when winter is over and I can start planting again and mowing. I love that!

Our dog Sampson is still having issues with the house training. I am so tired of cleaning the carpet :( I don't know what we're doing wrong. I would assume he would be fully trained by now. Anyone have any ideas? He's 10 months old and he will use the puppy pads at night to pee, but wants to poop on the carpet. yuck!

Well, hope everyone has a good week end :)

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Hi All;

I check this site almost every day, and I too have noticed the lower level of participation in "The Air". I'm sure that the loss of several formerly-regular contributors has played a significant role in this ... I did not write here often (my life is pretty dull!) but I always enjoyed reading the comments of our other more outgoing members, and I do miss them. I also think that all the spam we were getting on this board was driving a lot of people away: it certainly was affecting me that way.

And I also admit that I continue to be a bit intimidated by the fact that so many of those we have lost were witty and smart and full of fun stories to share, as well as being good writers, good listeners and excellent sources of knowledge. However ... even if we're not (and I know from other boards that a lot are), I do not think that we should let this camaraderie and humour and enjoyable contact die. Maybe we all just need to overcome our shyness, or reticence, or lack of self-confidence, and just tell ourselves that we should make an effort to write something, even just a response or a paragraph, perhaps every second day. After all, as my English teacher used to say, how do you know you can't write if you never try.

What do you all think? Should we make an effort to revive this board or has its time come and gone? :?:

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Hi all, beautiful day here in Nebraska. They are predicting a major winter storm here for mid week, the last two both missed us so I quess we will just wait and see. I hope you all had a nice weekend and never got hit by any flying metorite pieces. :D Goodnight everyone. Ill turn the light out.


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This forum was started so people could post jokes or just vent about anything. It doesn't have to be about LC. Most of the people here are either survivors or past or present caregivers. Often our posts are just silly but other time suportive.

I think one of the main reasons that so many of us old timers come here is because this is our family. Not a family of blood and ancestry but a family of sharing and support with those who understand. There are just so many who don't have a clue what the LC journey is all about or how hard it can be, especially if you have no one to share with. I know personally there were times I wasn't sure that I would make it after my loss but the people here understood and held me up when I was slipping and threatening to fall.

We have lost so many who have been here in the past. I personally think that I have a duty to carry on and give back or carry it forward to repay all that I have been given. So please come and feel free to post whatever crosses your mind at the time. You will be welcome.

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Just to add to what Lillian explained, the " Just for Fun Forum". Is just that, just for fun. It is a place to post silly stories, jokes, start a fun word game, etc. The "Air" is just a spot in that forum where we keep in touch and get to know each other. It is just a casual conversation each day. We "air" our joys, concerns, talk about the weather, our kids, dogs etc. Whoever shows up first each day can start the "air". Just hit "new topic" and go for it! If you have a joke or word game you can post that under this forum also. This is just the casual, fun forum. A little less serious, a little more bonding!

All are welcome!!!!!

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