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An update & a few questions!


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Hello everyone, hope to find all of you and loved ones well!

I posted about my dad in December, the link to that is at the end of this posting if you didn't already read it.

I'd like to just give an update on how things have gone so far. He is almost done with chemo, one more round will be given next week. He was only given 4 rounds for now. He had a port put in his chest to administer the chemo (is this something most people do?) and it became infected about a month after it was put in. VERY infected and painful. He had to have it removed and was in the hospital a few days to receive antibiotics. He was then sent home with about 2 weeks worth of antibiotics and a pick line to administer the meds. My mom and sister had to pack the wound every day, it was essentially a huge hole in his chest (he liked to tell people he got stabbed..) and it is much smaller now. Has anyone else gone through a similiar issue with the ports?

After the setback, and his 3rd chemo being pushed back a week or 2, he almost to his forth and last (for now) chemo treatment. However she took the Avastin out of these last 2 rounds of chemo since it would compromise the wound healing even more.

So we are just anxious to re scan and re test in the next month or two and see how things are looking. Since the infection, my dad has stopped working completely (until he has more energy) and is bored out of his mind at home all the time. I will have to remind him to get on here and use some of that time!

Let me know if you can relate! Thanks,


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I'm sorry to hear that your Dad's port got infected. My husband had a port but never had any problems with it. In addition to getting his chemo through the port they had me giving him infusions of antibiotics through it and they stressed the importance of sterilizing each time.

Please let us know how things go ((hugs))

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Oh no! I am so sorry your dad had trouble with his port! That was not someone he needed with everything else he is going through! I have had a port for two years now, having one when going through chemo is pretty common. I have had no trouble with mine, and in fact, I actually love it. My veins were very hard to access and every time I needed blood work, chemo, hydration etc done it was an ordeal, The port makes it so easy. The nurses DO spend a lot of time sterilizing the area before and after they access it.

Now the thing is to figure out something to keep him from being bored silly! Is there a hobby he could get into? A simple home project? I built a dollhouse, organized all the household files, cleaned the attic etc... All a little bit at a time as energy level allowed.

Keep in touch, let us know how he is doing and what the scans show - prayers are with you -

Peace - Janet

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Sorry to hear about that awful infection! That was about the last thing he needed, but at least it's better and he can move on.

I did not have a port, but now I wish I had gone ahead with one, or even a PICC line, but the doc didn't think I needed one because I had good veins. Now, though my veins in my hand are all fried, so IV's are hard to place.

Keep us posted on how your dad is doing


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I also had a port. I had to have 26 infusions + I had to get liquids on the other days to stay hydrated. It got a lot of use. They were always very careful and I never had an issue. Then at home when it was over, I had to go to a local infusion center to have it flushed every 6 to 8 weeks. Finally, I asked to just have it removed. The surgeon did that with just novacaine. I did not watch. I can't imagine going through it all without a port, I understand that some chemos will "burn" veins. I think that just means they get so overused, it would really be sore. Anyway, I'm sorry for the infection, I hope that is solved. :D

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Thank you everyone for the comments! I think he may have the option down the road to get another port put in, because as you've said it's much more convenient and less painful in certain ways, but the infection was such a headache I'm not sure he would do it. Either way, he'such better! Thanks for the support!

And yes, now it's all about finding ways to keep him busy and not lose his mind! He's reading a lot now and has done a couple household projects when he feels up to it but hopefully will come up with more to do. He has memorized many tv shows at this point!

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