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Applying for SSDI online ?


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Has anyone applied for disability benefits online through the Social Security Administration's website? I wonder if this is quicker than going to one of their offices. Also, for anyone that's already applied, did you get your medical records yourself or did you wait until social security requested them from the doctor?

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Hi Chrissy,

I applied for SSD but went to the office. I would rather talk to someone in person to many questions to ask. Someone there was assigned to my case. I did call them up to get the ball (they sent me out paper work to fill out) rolling and set-up an appointment. Not sure if the same for each state but I authorized SSA to get my (much easier) medical records and whatever else they needed. Also I had to notify whomever SSA contacts for records. There is a waiting period in terms of applying. It only took about 6 weeks from start to finish. The check was in the bank even before I was notified (by mail) from SSA. Hope this helps. Peace, take care and God Bless.



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Hi Chrissy,

I worked my last day on April 25. My plans were to return to work after my surgery and treatments were over. Things did not work out as I planned. I went to the SS office on August 12. You can not receive SSDI until your 6th month of disability. They did go back to the last day worked, which in my case was April 25. If approved I would be eligable for benefits in October. I was approved and I got my check in November. SS pays you a month late. In other words you get your October check in November. Also they go by your birthday as to the day you get a check.

You used to get them on the 1st but not anymore. You get check on Wednesday. In my case I get mine on the 2nd Wed of the month.

As far as being faster by applying online, I can't answer that. Perhaps someone here has applied on line and will answer you. Not sure if Norme can answer you or not. Don't know if you could apply on line before she retired or not.

I also authorized SS to get all my medical records. You may need to follow up with your doctors to be sure they actuall sent records to SS. My doctors charged 20.00(each doctor) to send the reports. Can you believe this? SS did pay the bill tho.

I do have 1 word of advise however....STAY ON THEM. Get your congressman involved if need be. I was really surprised that I was approved in short time that I was....7 weeks.

By the way, If you have no income, or low income you may be eligable for SSI for the 6 month wait period. There is no wait period for SSI. Good Luck.


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I started the process online. So far so good. They take the info from online then do a phone interview, then send you a packet to fill out and send in. SSI was denied (I make too much from my state disability) but SSDI is still in the works. Part of the packet I sent back to SS was release forms for the medical info so I suspect they send for them.

Like other's have said, you have to stay on top of them. If I don't hear anything for a certain amount of time I call.


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If it were me filing, I would either go to the local office if possible and let them see the condition of your husband or do it by phone. I would not want to make a mistake using the computer or maybe not understand something fully for that would just delay the process.

As for getting your medical records, that is up to you. I personally would let SS get them. If and i say if, your spouse is not approved then go into the ss office, read his file first then file an appeal. Don't ever file an appeal without reading the file first. By reading his file, he can tell if there is something wrong or something that is not there that needs to be.

Computers are good for retirement filing but I would not want to use it for disability.....that is my two cents worth. If you have a problem let me know and maybe I can answer it for you. You can PM me anytime..

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HI Chrissy, I'd just like to echo Normes concern about applying online. Somehow when I did my app got lost in the computer somewhere and got delayed, and finally had to go to the local SSI office where I must say I found them to be very helpful and understanding, and wasn't nearly the ordeal I thought it might be.

Good luck.

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Thank you all for responding. I think we will apply either by phone or in person. Given the bitter cold weather and my husband's condition I think the phone option is more likely. If we apply by phone do I then mail the requested documents (e.g. birth certificate) or just take to the local office?

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I just got aproved for SSDI. Here's how it went.

1. I applied online using the form provided.

2. They called me to set up a phone interview.

3. On the day and time we set up they called me and asked a bunch of questions.

4. The sent me a "packet" which I signed and sent back.

5. They called a couple of more times to gather needed information.

6. They called to tell me I was approved.

Now there are two more steps that involve actually going to the office.

1. I take my birth certificate and other requested documents to them in the next few days. They will copy them and give them back right there and then.

2. When my State disability ends (it's more than SSDI so I'm staying on it as long as possble) I take the formal notification that I've used the State Disability in and my SSDI kicks in after a short (couple of weeks) delay.

Pretty easy all and all.


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By phone is fine, when they mail you out the documents for your husband to sign, then they will tell you what they need for you to mail in. In Ky, birth certificates info is in the SSA office, so anyone born in ky don't need birth certificates, don't know about your state. Are there children under 18 or are there and disabled child or children who because disabled before age 18 and not working? If there are children then you will need their birth certificates also for they will prob be elig for benefits also. If you don't work and you have children under age 16 then you to will be elig for benefits. Sometimes they take a claim from the mother even though she works if children are involved. The only prob with that is sometimes they are not done properly and overpayments can occur on the mother. Do you have children????

It is very easy to file, there should be no problem. Tell him to listen carefully when they go over his work record to make sure his earnings through the years were correct as they relate them to him. If you have two phones, you can listen in also. Also when he fills out the disability form that they will mail, along with the ones they do by phone, make sure on the disability form he fills it out completely about what he can and cannot do, make sure you list everything you can think of that he cannot do and why he can't.

I don't know if he is eligible for SSI which is Supplemental Security Income. That is a program that is based on need. Social Security administers the program but the funds come from the state not social security. If eligible, there is no waiting period like the 6 months Social Security has. Also while eligible, you get a state medical card that is great for medical purposes. Most people who have worked most of their lives are sometimes elig for SSI until their SSDI starts. And because of the amount of the SSDI, the SSI stops.

Don't fret, SSA does this everyday thoughout the USa and most of the claims representatives are good at it....

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One thing that I forgot to mention and have not noticed anyone else mention is to make copies of everything you send to SS. This not only is good if something should get lost in the shuffel but it also helps you if you ever need the info as to what you told them (such as an appeal if need be).


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