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At the end of Novebmer, 2012, I had a persistent cough, was given Rx for cough medicine. Two more trips to the doctor before a chest x-ray was ordered at which time indicated a 7cm tumor in my upper left lung. Had all the tests, and surgery was done March 6, 2013. Just starting chemo next week and radiation. At this time I am extremely anxious about the radiation and quite honestly, the chemo also. I am blessed that this was found in time to have the surgery.


dX 01/31/213

Upper Left Lobectomy


Starting chemo 04/17/13

Radiation to be scheduled

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Hi Trish,

Welcome to LCSC,sorry to hear of your diagnosis,I have survived NSCLC for almost 5 years now,and doing really well,enjoying life to the fullest.I did have neo-adjuvant chemo followed by surgery,I went through the whole process with little discomfort,I did not have radiotherapy,so I have no experience to share with you,however I am sure other buddies here will be along shortly who can give you the benefits of their experiences.

Its a pleasure to meet you,if you check out the "Just for Fun",you can chat with everyone there on the lighter side of life,looking forward in getting to know you.

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the biggest concern of radiation and chemo is the nausea that usually goes with them. The facility should be giving you some small doses of both steroids and usually anti nausea meds with the chemo to counter some of the side effects..

1. Make sure someone stays with you the first day of both appointments. bring along a small day planner for med lists, appointments, results, concerns and questions about things. write everything down...

2. You normally eat whenever you get hungry not when you are supposed to. I used to cook breakfast sometimes at 6 or 8 o clock at night for my wife... and dinner in the am if that was what she wanted.

3. Always keep snacks handy for protein and energy. think fruits veggies and cheese and crackers and things.. you can also call ahead and see if your chemo center offers these things for patients as well. if not you might be able to bring some with you if they approve and they should.

4. for Chemo bring a cd, mp3 player, or a book, and a neck pillow. you will probably be there for a while.. usually a few hours as chemo is a slow IV drip.

Hope these help you out some. I ma sorry we have to meet this way but am glad we have..for some inspiration take a look at the Inspirational forum and also the good news forum. the Path less traveled is usually for those deciding against treatment but there are some great poems by Dean Carl in there.. the nutrition and healthy living forums are full of great tips for changing your menu to help your overall health while fighting this disease...

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