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Not My Mom

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Not My Mom

May 22nd, 2013 - by admin


Janet Hollands was originally diagnosed with lung cancer of two etiologies in August of 2011. She had a lobectomy, stereotactic radiation and chemotherapy. At that time her 15 yr old daughter wrote a poem about cancer that was published in her school journal.

This March, Janet was once again diagnosed with two “nodules” in her right lung. When she told her daughter, now 16, she wrote the poem below.

Janet says her daughter Bailey is her inspiration to beat lung cancer, as many times as she has to.

Both Janet and Bailey have agreed to share this poem with our readers.


The word struck me with an unknown fear


Why did my mom get diagnosed with this?

I don’t ever want to have to give her that one last hug or kiss


The doctors said it with such casualty

Like “oh this may just hurt badly”

Looks around the room, what’s this mean?

My sister hugged me and tears came to my eyes

I stayed as strong as I could

Only letting out silent cries


How to react? Nobody knows

It’ll be okay, that’s what everyone hopes

After all what are people supposed to say

about a nice lady, a savior in scrubs

That now has a thousand doctors, and only

gets paid in hugs


She fought it long, and she fought hard

Cancer left, but left her scarred

Everyone was all smiles

She had been on the cancer free road

for miles and miles

Until she wasn’t


It came back with no invitation, no warning

Unexpected and unwanted

She sat me on the couch with a look

I hadn’t ever seen

The doctors say its back, you see?

I’m not cancer free anymore, so it seems

She promises she’ll be there through it all

I believe her, she’ll be the one who

does my hair at prom

She’ll be at my graduation, my wedding,

she’ll be at it all


Not even that could bring her down

Not my Mom.

Not, Cancer

by Bailey Davis age 16

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