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Fridays Air

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Phew,Scotland continues with this wonderful spell of weather ,sunny blue skies in the 80's,that really hot for us Scots LOL.

Doing a bit of house hunting this week,looking for a flat for Sally,quite a few specs to meet,to suit her needs,since she dos'nt drive and has restricted mobility,found one on Wednesday,my daughter,Chris her boyfriend went to view it,Sally was indisposed,despite the fact she was aware of the arrangement.The flat was ground flooor,several shops just yards away,bus stop and Drumgelloch Railway station,just a few minutes walk away,regular trains to all the local stations including to Edinburgh and Glasgow.The flat was just lovely,just ready to move in to fully fitted kitchen including all the white goods,two bedrooms,living room bathroom,priced at £65,000,early entry scheme?,gave you a £5000 discount,well I put in a offer the following morning,through my solicitor,and was told later in the day my offer was accepted.I just cannot figure out why this flat was being sold at this price?,my local knowledge of the housing market would have put this flat in the £90 - £100K region?.

I am a bit jealous Sally is getting it,do'nt think I am going to find an equivalent.I might have a wee problem getting her into the flat,since she wants us to continue together on her terms,ie carry on drinking excessively,its just not on,I have put up with this since 1991.We applied on behalf of Sally for a disability allowance,well we were successful,she now has a good income to make it on her own,plus what the lawyers will ask me to contribute towards her living expenses.Entry date for the flat 14th Aug,cannot believe everything has gone so smoothly.Next priority,is to sell my home,then look for a flat,might stay in Airdrie,but being a Glaswegian,it does draw me a bit like a magnet,however,Glasgow can be pretty expensive,for home in the best areas,decisions,decisions.I feel like a teenager again setting out on a new adventure.

Spent the day,pressure washing my drive and rear patio,what a difference,the yorkstone has come up a treat,have'nt seen it so clean since it was laid a few years ago,also washed all my external plastic,windows ,doors and roof linings, I will have this place sparking for selling day.Gosh I have been going on a bit,sorry if I been a bit more boring than usual folks,its just all whats on my mind currently.Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful summer weekend,bye for now.

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Sally's new flat sounds just great Eric and I'm sure you'll find something equally nice for yourself. I always thought looking was half the fun. I imagine 80s would sound pretty good to most of our friends on the east coast about now. It's supposed to go up to 105 here this weekend - but we don't have the humidity they do on the east coast. I grew up there, before everyone had air conditioning, and can still remember when it was 98 degrees and the humidity about the same. We were really young, with small children, and had scraped together all the pennies we could find just to spend one night in a motel with air conditioning. I will never forget how good that cool air felt. Lily, if it's going to be 105 here, you must be headed to 110-115 :( Glad you had your picnic already. Congratulations on the new baby!! Michelle - must be pretty hot where you are too, and with all the work on the farm how do you keep cool?

Janet, with that kind of heat I don't imagine the coastal breeze is doing any good - I hope you are not too uncomfortable. I have been thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. I hope you can let us know how you are when you're able. The heat sure can't be helping with the fatigue.

Have a safe weekend everyone.

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