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Merry Christmas


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Like so many of you my time just seems to fly. I don't come as often as I should and I see that I am not alone as far as that goes. Diane it is good to see that you are on the mend. Our weather is crazy here too. No rain and one night of snow and cold temperatures for a week and now 60s every day and still no rain. Weather seems to be crazy everywhere.

Busy or not I could not let Christmas and all of the holidays pass without wishing all of my LCSC family a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, May 2014 find you all safe and healthy and may a cure be found so we can come here just as friends and not in mutual grief or searching for support in our grief or fear. God Bless you all.

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Merry Christmas lilyjohn! Thank you for posting well wishes for everyone. That was very thoughtful. With having 2 kids I have to keep telling myself to freeze every second and every moment possible. I hope you have a Christmas filled with beautiful moments and loving memories.

Cindy A.

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Merry Christmas to all !

We are certainly having a white Christmas here in Minnesota!

It was -11 degrees F when I got up this morning. At about 2pm it is suppose to start snowing again til about 9pm this evening. So we even get more fresh snow

I hope all of you are enjoying the season with family and friends.

Donna G

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just want to add my Christmas Greetings to all my friends here at LCSC,I hope each and everyone has a wonderful Festive Season and that 2014 will turn out to be a vintage year for us.

I have been so busy recently,still doing my front of house Pantos,(Wizard of Oz)its great fun watching all the kids in the audience interacting with the cast-"oh yes they do",you have to have seen a UK Panto to appreciate that statement LOL.

I have been enjoying an incredible run of luck recently,I had a phone call from the British Heart Foundation,they had been trying to contact me from last Saturday,I was just waiting for them to request a donation from me,but no, Mr Byrne we are pleased to tell you, you have won the first prize in our raffle,well funnily just yesterday I found two strips of raffle tickets in the inside of my jacket pocket,I had no idea,how long they had been there or even what they were for so I threw them out.Fortunately they accepted my reason for not producing the winning ticket,and presented me with a £150 food hamper from Marks and Spencers (recognised in the UK as a premier food outlet),it was just jamb packed with goodies,we wont go hungry this Christmas,"oh no we wont",sorry about that too many Pantos.

I have a new girl in my life,we have been dating for a while now,we get along so well,we went to see a Andre Rieu concert last Saturday in Glasgow's newly opened Hydro Theatre,its hugh,well for Glasgow that is,12,000 spectators,it was a super night out,Linda,my new girl,had'nt even heard of Andre before,so it was with some relief that she enjoyed the evening.

Time to go,bye everyone,enjoy Christmas.

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I am wishing a peaceful and joyful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year for everyone.

Congratulations Eric - a new girl and great food . . . can't beat that.

We had our "family Xmas" this past weekend, and are planning a quiet day tomorrow (I hope). I am doing better all the time, but have a ways to go and find I do better when I get enough rest. Our weather is a bit warmer, and although they are calling for some freezing fog it doesn't sound like the weather should cause many travel problems here locally. I hope everyone traveling a smooth and safe journey.

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