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I know nobody is a doctor here but I have been having shin pain through my chemo and now I feel a little lump below my knee and having shin pain still my last chemo was dec 6 im scared it has spread to my shins or something I told my doctor about it she says its the chemo but now I have to tell her anout the little lump im so scared dies anybody have any knowledge or experience with this

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Hi Amy,

I'm not sure why you are having shin pains to tell you the truth. What I can tell you is that we have an "Ask The Experts" link on LUNGevity's web page. I'm attaching the link here. You can view past questions people have asked and also submit a question.


I hope you feel better soon.

Sending you hope, hugs, & healing,

Cindy A.

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Hi Amy, I personally have never heard of anyone where it has spread to their shins. I read one of your earlier posts about being afraid and that is very natural. For a lot of us every time we cough or get a strange sensation we always think the worst. Sometimes we just let our minds run wild. If it really has you concerned you might want to have it checked out just to calm your nerves. I was a bundle of nerves for the first years. My doc put me on Lexapro a antidepressant and that helped me think more calmly. I am no longer on them but I can still let my mind run wild every once and awhile. My prayers are with you.

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Amy - I have never heard of anyone having shin pain either, but Mike is right and worry about any new aches and pains definitely goes along with this disease. It is just human nature for our minds to immediately go to the worst possible scenario when we notice something new. I would definitely bring it to your doctor's attention though so you can put your mind at rest.

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My shin pain is gone for the most part I finished my chemo on December 6 I ended up getting the h1n1 so I had to stay in the hospital over night it was terrible I got my flu shot friday just to be on the safe side I had an mri of my brain it came back fine I wont get my pet scan till may so please pray for me im always scared its going to come back

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