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Tuesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

I am up late,just gone midnight here,so I thought I would start a new air.Weather seems to be on everyones mind,this is the first year in my entire life,that we in the West of Scotland have had no winter?,poor south west of England,they have been battered with storms since mid-December,the storms are being brought in from the south westerly direction,theres widespread flooding,villages and homes cut off,power lines down, rail links destroyed.People there are very discontent that the Government have been too slow to react,accusing them of cuts to flood defence systems.Millions of pounds worth of damage,insurance companies already mentioning premium increases for us all to cover the damage.

I have been doing some front of house work ,last week it was Starlight Express,performed by a group of teenagers called Shine,and they certainly did,each performance I watched received a standing ovation.I was'nt familiar with this musical,the notion of people dressed as electric and steam trains on roller skates just put me off a bit,but as it turned out it was a very enjoyable show.Sadly we are losing one of our front of house friends,Colleen,she comes from Philladelphia,been here for 2-3 years and settled into our way of life.She just decided to come to Scotland one day,boarded a plane and arrived.She studied for a BA in the USA and had that converted to a MA here,however her visa has expired and has to go home,good news is she is going to re-apply for a new visa and return to Scotland,much to the relief of her Scottish boyfriend I am sure.

In Scotland our health system for post treatment follow up for lung cancer,is a check up every six months for five years (we dont do CT scans just x-rays)well today at 10am,I will have my last check up,my five years have passed and still here alive and kicking,by the way I did send my 5 year anniversary survivor card to my GP who only gave me two years maximum,with the comment,"I once had a patient who had lung cancer,he lived for five years,what a character-but you are not him".I did write to him a resume of my post treatment journey and mentioned i would be sending him my 10th anniversary card too.Funnily enough,he has'nt replied?.Schools here are on holiday Mon and Tues,so my daughter is coming with her boyfriend to my appointment,she is treating me to a celebratory lunch if I get get the NED,well even if I dont,I am still hoping to be treated LOL.

I have a friend in the USA Jeffrey,I met his wife in Seattle and we became facebook friends,Jeffrey added me to his facebook friends list too,so we have been exchanging posts for a couple of years now.One day Jeffery mentioned attending the Phantom of the Opera,boy he did'nt half slate it,well I have seen this show in both Edinburgh and London and I just loved it,so I just had to respond to his criticism,think I started my post by saying,Well call me clothe for ears but I loved this show etc,etc,Jeffrey wrote back agreeing that everyone has his own taste in music.I just happened to read about Jeffrey's background soon after,I discovered he was an Associate Professor in Music at a USA University,ooops.Jeffrey has a great love of Scotland,particularly Edinburgh where he studied for sometime in Edinburgh Uni.He has just posted me,to tell me he is coming to Scotland to the West of Scotland Uni in March to set up a student exchange package,and wants to meet up with me,for a wee amber nectar (or two) and dinner,I just cannot wait to meet him at last,shame is only one day we can meet,never mind it will be a great occassion.

Gosh I must stop now before this developes into a novel.

Goodnight Everyone.

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Hi Randy,

Good to see you too,sorry about your weather,tell you what,grab your sunglasses and your beachwear,get on a plane to Scotland-Airdrie to be precise,theres plenty of room at my house,enjoy a wee break from work.

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