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Introducing Myself and my story

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Hello, My name is Jessica. A little over a month ago my mother was diagnosed with large cell lung cancer. My mom is 51 and has smoked for the last 33 years. Lung cancer runs in the family so she makes it a point to get a yearly chest x-ray. She did this in February and it came out clean. In mid to late may she went to the Emergency Room. She had blood pooling in her toes in her left foot. At this point she wasn't in pain, it was just an uncomfortable pressure, and they looked very bruised. After it being this way for a few days she went to get it checked out. They took a sonogram of her leg to check for clots, she has a history of clots in her legs but everything had been fine since the surgery last year to place stints. The sonogram also came out clean. They began to worry that she was having a pulmonary embolism, or a clot in her lungs, so the did a CT Scan of her lungs. This is when things got complicated, she had a golf ball size mass in the middle of her right lung. Keep in mind this was in May, and her lungs were completely clean t months earlier. They did more CT Scans searching for any other masses, they turned out negative. The next step was a PET Scan. The Pet Scan revealed that the mass in her lung and a couple of lymph nodes were more than likely malignant. She went in for a biopsy, she had complications. A branch of her pulmonary artery began bleeding. They had to crack her chest open to get it to stop. This had to be the scariest night of both our lives. She was on a ventilator for 14 hours and in ICU over night. We got the pathology report back and it was in fact large cell lung cancer, in stage 3.

She began her battle with 5 radiation treatments a week and chemotherapy once a week. On her first chemo treatment she had a second complication and the pericardium sack around her heart filled with fluid. She was rushed to the ER and had surgery to remove the fluid and insert a drain. She spent another 5 days in the hospital and gained another 4 inch scar down her chest.

She is now on her third week of chemo and radiation is beginning to take its toll. The foot problem that sent her to the ER in the first place has also got increasingly worse. She has a lot of pain especially at night while trying to sleep. No one seems to know what the cause is. She just knows it hurts.

She struggles to do every day tasks and I can see that she is already tired of the fight. She knows she can't give up, and she has to deal with the pain the bills and the daunting fact that she may not beat all of this in the end.

I just need advice on how to help her cope, and anything else that can prepare me for the road ahead. As of now she is taking chemo really well, but I know soon that will get worse too. I am scared to death everyday that I may lose my mother, m by best friend, and I just don't know how to live with out her. I want to be there for her as much as possible but I also have a full time job and bills of my own. My dad is an over the road truck driver so he isn't home very much, especially now since she isn't working. My older brother lives at home and cooks and makes sure she gets to her appointments at time, but he is also going through a divorce and a custody battle right now and isn't very good at comforting mom.

This is my ongoing struggle. Any positive stories, words, explanations, and advice are more than welcome. Thank you


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Hello Jessica, I’m sorry you have the need to be here, knowing that your mom is facing cancer is not easy, nor for her nor for anyone around her, it looks like a never ending journey and it seems impossible to be strong, it’s quite normal to worry or to be scared, you are to have your feelings, I wish I have something to say to help you, except my best to you and your mom.

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Thank you Emily. I know how hard it is to find words of comfort. Sometimes I struggle trying to talk to my mom. She knows that Id do anything for her. But she is in pain and all the treatment is really starting to take its toll. I just want any ideas on how to make her feel better.

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Hi Jessica,

I'm sorry that your Mom and your family are going through this. We have some support options for you here at LUNGevity. We can connect your Mom to another Survivor that has gone through (or is currently going through) a similar circumstance within our LifeLine Program http://events.lungevity.org/site/PageNa ... eLine.html.

We also support Caregivers such as you or your brother to other Caregivers. Please feel free to register, it's a free service. Also, we have several resources available for you in our Survivor or Caregiver resource center. http://events.lungevity.org/site/PageSe ... ndAdvocacy

I know what you are going through is hard, and it is hard for your Mom. There is also a website called CaringBridge.org maybe connecting family members would be a helpful way for them to understand your struggles and they can help with bringing a healthy dinner from time to time, or helping around the house or whatever would be helpful.

We are here for you. Please post again and keep us updated. You are family to us now.

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Hello Jessica! I'm saddened to hear of your Mother's diagnosis but I'm happy you found all of us here at lcsc. There are many caring members who can offer support as well as information you will need during this difficult time. I encourage you to read through our forums and read. If you have any questions or just need a shoulder.....we're here for you!

My advice to you is just "be there for your Mom. That I'm sure means a lot to her. Please keep us updated ((hugs))

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Jessica ....you and your family are going through a really tough time right now. It is very hard to see light at the end of the tunnel but, it is there. When

someone starts there cancer treatment journey after complications from surgery it is harder when they start their chemo and radiation. She has the added problem of clotting. This is common in cancer patients. Most oncologists have many patients with multiple issues. I have a feeling if you and your family continue to show your support and love to your Mom she can get through this. Good luck and please update us :)


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