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Daddy's Pancoast Surgery~


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A warm hello to everyone in the Lungevity Community. :)

Well after all the chemo and radiation we received the amazing news that my Father was operable. He had his surgery to remove his tumor (the size of a baseball), upper R lobe of lung, 4 ribs, a vertebra and also had his spine scraped on 7/8/14. He was hospitalized for 7 days then released. He's doing pretty well but the he has HORRIBLE numbness and a shooting pain up his arm and adjusting to the shortness of breath as he's always been very active. :( He had his check up on Wednesday and he has to do 4 more cycles as 1 of the 10 lymph nodes they took had cancer cells in it. :( The tumor was completely DEAD though and the surgeon did get clean margins. :) At least this chemo is only 3 hours instead of 8.... I'm just praying he doesn't get sick and keeps his perfect healthy record with chemo.

Thanks for all the support and continued prayers are needed my friends. :)

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Great news. My Pancoast tumor was found dead also when I was able to have surgery. This year I will be a 17 yr survivor. Hope your Dad does at least that well also, keep us posted,

Donna G

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Congrats on such great news!! Glad to know of another Pancoast tumor biting the dust!! By all means, make sure that he sees his pain management docs and hauls that ugly shooting pain in to a manageable twinge. He is entitled to it! The treatment also left my tumor an empty shell of a dead mass. Thank God for good treatment!!

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