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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone.

Just returned from my holiday in Tenerife with Liz on Friday,first time I have visited Tenerife,its one of the Canary Islands, just off the West Coast of Africa,what a beautiful place,weather blue skies and sunshine every day,current daily temps of 33 degrees C,even in winter temps hover around 24 degrees C.I am thinking about a re-visit to the island in Feb next year,to escape the Scottish winter,well some of it anyway.The hotel was the last word of luxury,we got upgraded for the the first couple of days,some mix up about our allocated room?,included in the up grade,was access to the private swimming pool on the roof of the hotel,we shared the area with only a couple of other residents,bliss,we did negociate with the management that we could have access to the roof for the remainder of our holiday when our original room became available,they agreed,yeah.

I will of course bore you with my pics later in the members photo album.We paid 90 euros for a boat trip out in the Atlantic to view schools of Pilot Whales that inhabit the islands all the year round,boy,it turned out to be the lousiest 90 euros I have ever spent,the boat trip lasted for 3 hours,about thirty minutes into the trip,we had our first encounter with the Whales,they were not much larger than dolfins,all we really saw above the waterline was their dorsal fins and a small curved portion of their backs,as I continued to photograph them,I was focussed in my cameras viewfinder trying to get the best shots of the Whales,I became aware of the heaving and the rolling of the boats movement in the Ocean,suddenly I started to turn green, I made a rapid exit from the deck to visit the WC below deck,boy was I ill,sweat lashing off me,as I brought up my mornings breakfast.Crumbs I thought,I still have about another two and a half hours to go with this boat trip.Fortunately,the trip included a visit to a bay to see sea turtles,the boat anchored up,to allow fellow passengers to have a swim in the bay,I slowly began to recover from my nausea.Remind me never to book a cruise.

We also had a day trip to Loro Park,which is a super tropical zoo,(see my pics)and a trip to lovely village by the sea,just North of our location in Adeje,Liz hated the bus trip to the village as we had to climb through a mountain range,I have never seen so many hairpin bends and sheer drops on a road before,reminiscent of my trip on the road to the sun in Glacier Park in Montana a couple of years back (see my pics).From my point of view,the bus trip was really good,lots of lovely views to photograph.

We arrived home on the 19th,the day after the Scottish referendum in which ,thank goodness, the majority of Scots voted to remain as part of the UK,I had arranged for my daughter to vote No for me by proxy,my concern was,she is a ardent Yes voter,leaving me wondering,if she would vote according to my desire,as it turned out,I received a letter,from the government,telling me my paper request for a proxy vote arrived too late to process,rascals,I sent it off well before the deadline.

Yesterday,as I may have told you in a previous post,I played in the finals of the pairs in the outdoor lawn bowls,with my young partner Scott,well I have the pleasure of telling you,we actually won.We will be presented with our trophy at the prizewinners Gala Evening sometime in October,anyone want my autograph?.

I am on my own today and tomorrow,Liz has gone off to Dundee,to continue with her consultancy work at a nursing home there to help them bring about improvements following a poor report, following a visit by a government healthcare team.Liz has been interviewed for the managers post at a nursing home in Hamilton,following her consultancy visits there prior,she starts next week.She has mixed feelings about the post though,despite a excellent renumberation package,its full time,she is to become a grannie for the first time in January and we were planning to have an extended holiday to escape the Scottish winter at the turn of the new year.Well,my advice is to take up the post,if by December you are still feeling a bit uneasy about it,hand in your notice,we can manage fine on present incomes.

Think thats about all I have to share with you at present,so I will close now,

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will have to read read later.... need to empty the pup and head to work and dentist for a check up this fine fall weather day.... nice to see and AIR posted up and thanks.. must have been good cause it starts out talking bout Tenerife!!!! :mrgreen: Thanks Eric and glad your home safe and sound!!!

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