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missing dad


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It is just one of those days that I feel blue and miss my dad. I wonder how he is doing, wherever he is.  I wonder if he found peace and is as they say in heaven enjoying god's grace without earthly troubles and sickness.  So many days and nights I want to talk to him, let him know how I am doing and how life has been without him and somehow I still feel like he's with us and blessing us.  


It will almost be two years in December.  It feels like he's never been gone, and I feel like he will always be looking after us wherever he is.  I am grateful for the strength he gave me as everything I do now I want to make him proud.  But once in awhile, I would really like to have a conversation with him and let him know that he instilled value and strength in me that made me a strong person.  For that I am forever grateful and I hope he will see and be pleased and find his peace.


I miss you dad.


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He still lives through you.  His values and strengths still live in you and hopefully you will pass them on.

I am going to a grief group .  That was one of the topics last week.  We were asked to list the attributes of out lost love one and discussed this.

I lost my husband who I was blessed to have for 45 yrs  in July of 2013.  Every day I think of him .


Donna G

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IF you go outside on a nice evening witha cold drink of your choice, sit under the stars for a bit and have a long talk with him... You may not see or hear him but he is always looking over you from above smiling down on you...you can tell him any and everything that has been going on.. great way to clear the mind of troublesome worrisome thoughts also. hugs and prayers !!

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I agree with Randy's advice as he also shared it with me when my husband went to heaven.  I follow this advice and sit under the stars and talk to Donald.  I may not hear his voice but I know he communicates with me through my heart.  Bless you dear one.  You aren't alone because your Dad is with you!  ((hugs))

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