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It's Friday !

Donna G

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It is going to be 70 degrees today they say.  Boy we probably won't see that again until next spring.


Soon it will be November , Lung Cancer Awareness Month.



Donna G

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

                                           Hi Donna,the weather here in the West of Scotland is'nt quite 70 degrees,somewhere in the mid-fiftees,which for us is remarkably mild for the end of October,I do hope it continues.

       I have been busy doing my advocate work recently,Monday last I was in Glasgows Mitchell Library giving a lung cancer presentation to a group of MacMillan volunteers on behalf of the Roy Castle LC Foundation.This November I am on duty in a couple of local hospitals on a display stand for the Roy Castle org,giving out infro leaflets and selling merchandise.I am involved in the Scottish campaign for Detecting Cancer Early,they are putting my story online also I have to go to Edinburgh next week to do a voiceover for some radio stations in Scotland,I also have been invited through the Roy Castle by BBC Radio 4 London to join in a broadcast they are doing for LC awareness month.I have'nt  got the full details yet,I am looking forward to this experience.

         I have just popped over to my house from Liz'es home in Newmains,mainly to check any mail and emails on my laptop.My smartphone allows me to access my emails,but its much better to use my laptop.I am also here to take my daughters bichon frieze out for walkies (Jennifer is staying at my home for the time being,seems the rentals terms are first class).I also have Liz'es two dogs to look after when she is out at work,this retirement business is really hard work.

           My mobile has just rung,its a gentleman who called about using me for a lung cancer story,  I have to  expect a call sometime within  the next two hours to be interviewed for some Scottish radio stations.Is'nt this fun?,got to go,I let you know later how it all went,now where did I put my throat spray?  

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Hello Eric.  This week is October 31st,  Halloween.  What a difference a week makes.!


The weather is a little different  also.  It was 24 degrees this morning.  That is below freezing ( 32 degrees here)

It was bundle up to walk the dogs weather for sure.  Winter coat, hat and gloves.

Glad to here you are so good to be involved in Lung Cancer Awareness Month.


Donna G

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