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Radio Broadcasts.

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Good Morning Everyone,

                                        Lung Cancer Awareness Month has well and truely started for me.Being a advocate for lung cancer I am keen to promote whenever I can get the opertunity, to bring to the general publics attention  the many issues that involve lung cancer,ie, lack of funding,smoking cessation,coping with its dx and the stigma that attaches itself to those dxd with lung cancer by the general public.

      On Friday I attended a radio interview for independant radio stations based throughout  Scotland and the UK.My interview will be edited and broadcast as a public information statement throughout November.

       Its just after 6am here in Scotland am up showered and dressed waiting nervously for the phone to ring at 6.40am ,I will be on air live for BBC 4's  programme "Good Morning Scotland",its all about lung cancer awareness month,I have no idea what my interview will consist of,so I am swotting up and writing out some little salient points on the subject of lung cancer.Hopefully I will get a positive message across to all the listeners.Got to go,bye for now.

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Thanks Cindy for your comments,I would love to oblige you with a copy of my broadcast,I have'nt even heard it myself,I will ask my daughters boyfriend if he can do this.Incidentally I am off to Edinburgh on Monday morning to do a live broadcast on radio again,this time for the Scottish campaign for Detect Cancer Early,I am having a brief sent to me this week,to help me prepare for the programme.Bye for now.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

                                           Just an update for my visit to Edinburgh on Monday 10th Nov,I will be on the Ally Ballingalls daytime show starts at 10am until 2pm,this show is broadcast throughout Scotland on Clyde FM,Forth FM,Westsound,Central FM,Northsound and some others.I have my brief for the interview,so fingers crossed everything goes according  to plan.

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