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Mondays Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

                                           Good to hear from you in replying to the Friday Air,thats more like it,keep up the good work.Weather here still cold,we had a little flurry of snow earlier this morning,but it did'nt last,its brightened up again the snow now melted.I was watching a TV prog last night from Boston USA,boy did they have some snow?,it  made Scotland look positively tropical LOL.

    Well,just arrived at my Aidrie home to check the mail etc.My daughter Jennifer who is currently living in my home phoned me yesterday to mention a small leak in the kitchen ceiling,could I check it out.Well the bathroom is vertically above my kitchen so I removed the bath panel to reveal some dampness in the drywall below the bath seal,so I will have to spend a bit of time removing and replacing it,a stitch in time saves nine as they say,we dont want to encourage wet or dry rot.

     Liz and I have been sharing some good times over these last days,her son Paul with girlfriend Emma brought over their new baby boy Parker for a visit last Thursday,he was born early New Years Day,such a cutie,he has put on about 4 pounds now.Friday night we went out to a local hotel for a dinner dance,it was really super,a girl appeared as Diana Ross then reappeared later in the evening as Whitney Houston,the supporting group were excellent,well they did sing a lot of my favourite songs over the last few decades.Saturday evening we were invited a ten pin bowling night with one of her friends who belongs to a ramblers association,so there was about 20 of us for the occassion..I have now been going with Liz for a year now,I discovered soon after meeting her she is really good  at ten pin bowling,she crushed me,beginners luck thought I,not so, as she demonstrated on Saturday coming in second overall,think I finished 17th out of twenty.

          The photographer Kelly arrived on time on Saturday for the photoshoot,she took loads of pics of Jennifer and I at home,since the weather despite the rain forecast was dry and bright Kelly took some further pics of Jennifer and I walking Dodger (her bichon frieze) through the woodlands surrounding my home.Kelly is going to send me a link to my email address to have a copy of all the pics she had taken,which was very kind of her.

       I just received a wee post from a friend in facebook mentioning an appearance of the Detect Cancer Early Campaign Story of Sir Alex Ferguson and myself which it seems has been taken up with the Scottish National Newspaper The Daily Record,I never knew anything about it.Just thought I would share the link with you here,




   Got to go everyone,doggies await me,bye for now.



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Hello Eric.


I just got in from walking my dogs.  It has warmed up some here today, not above freezing yet though.  The sun is still shining.


Tomorrow they say we will wake up to more snow , hopefully it will be over by noon so I can get it off the driveway before dark. 


Hope all are having a great day.


Donna G

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