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Introduce Myself!

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Hi, I'm Joyce, and yes I have lung cancer.  The first time was 9/2011, Stage 1A, NSCC, adenocarcinoma with no mutations.  They removed two right lobes and no chemo or radiation,  Received CT scans every 3 months.  January 2014, reappeared in the remaining right lobe.  PET scan, and both spots were ''hot''.  Received 2 more PET scans before they did a needle biopsy, which by the way came back Stage 1A, NSCC.  I am NOT a candidate for surgery, as I have severe COPD and on oxygen 24/7.


In December, 2014 began radiation (small doses) to minimize damage to surrounding area. Went 5 days a week for 8 weeks.  The tumors shrunk by 38%.  I have been informed I'm not a candidate for chemo due to the size and my health.  


Where do I go from here?  I still have lung cancer, and it is a wait and watch, scheduled to get CT in June.

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Hello Joyce.  I am glad you took the time to introduce yourself and tell your story. 

That is sad that after 3 years it showed up again.  Radiation can be very therapeutic. 

Now with better and better technology they can be much more exact aiming it !


Shrinkage sounds like some good news,  Keep us posted on your results for the June CT.



Donna G

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Good news about radiation having a positive effect on tumor.  Wish there was a "magic wand" to get you through this watch and wait cycle.  I'd also ask your docs about clinical trials.

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