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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

                                        I am back at my home in Airdrie today,I am having my bathroom renovated completely,everything stripped back to the bare walls,floor and ceiling.My daughter now occupies my home,she has moved back to her boyfriend Chris's flat in Glasgow whilst the work is being carried out,hopefully it should be completed by the end of this week.Jennifer chose all the furnishings and fittings,including a bath panel which lights up the floor and a wall mirror that plays music would you believe?,I just get to pay for the work.Jennifers "rent" is definately going to be increased.

        Reading all the comments in facebook regarding Hope Summit 2015 made me envious about not being there this year,maybe next year?.I have booked some holidays this year,so off to Tenerife on June 2nd,then Andre Rieu in Masstright in July.We have friends who have booked an apartment in Benidorm for 4 weeks in October,so we plan to join them for one week,never been to Benidorm before,it seems to be not everyones cup of tea,as they say.Its busy and boisterous,not the place to take grannie,however I think I will enjoy all the goings on.Liz and I are thinking about missing out some of Scotlands winter in January,February and March,by renting a apartment on Tenerife,we did consider buying one there but are we a bit old for that idea?,we also have the problem of Liz'es two dogs,Jack and Harry to find homes for.Alternatively we also considered buying a motorhome and driving down to mainland Spain for the winter,we could take the dogs with us?.

          Well here in the UK the General Election has been surprisingly won by the Conservatives,your equivalent is Republicans I suppose,not the party of my choice,the even bigger surprise was the Scottish Nationalists winning 56 of the 59 seats in Scotland,my party Labour lost its traditional support for decades as the major party in Scotland being left with only 1 seat.Is Scotland heading for independance from the UK? if so, I am off permanently to Tenerife LOL.

        Time to go,I am going to leave the plumbers to get on with the work and visit my wee sister Dot in Glasgow,she is always fun to be with.I hope you all  well and enjoying life,dont be shy in letting me know how things are going  in your neck of the woods.Bye for now.


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