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eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

                                           I am just home from my holiday in Tenerife,today thankfully Scotland is having a wee heat spell,so the weather here remains very warm and sunny.I am actually sitting in the gazebo in Liz'es back garden typing this post,having a bit of shade here so I can read my laptop screen,how I enjoy summer weather.

       I was in Glasgow this morning meeting up with usual buddies for lunch and drinks,all non-alcoholic nowadays since the new strict drinks driving laws have come into force in Scotland now ,its so low the limit now you could'nt even risk a half pint shandy LOL.We so enjoy sharing each others company and the oppertunity to sort out all the worlds problems,and all the other gossip on whats going on in our lives.Saturday is my annual charity walk around the Isle of Millport for the Noreen Davis Hikers and Bikers,so called of course since you are allowed to walk or cycle around the island (11 miles).I am the official photographer,so I will be snapping away merrily as we circumnavigate the island,its fun being almost the only male walking with 400+ lovely ladies.We have for our bus a Circus theme,so we are all expected to turn up in costume,I picked up mine today,a Circusmaster one,got to whip up all these ladies into shape.Weather forecast is cooler but dry,hopefully the sun will break through.

      The following Saturday is my wee sister's 60th Birthday,outdoor party arranged in her back garden as from 2.00pm,you are all invited of course,directions provided on request.Plenty of drinks,eats and good banter guaranteed.Just praying for good weather for the barbie.

       Liz has resigned from her manager position at the nursing home effective from the 26th of June,crumbs,I will need to find her other employment,with her at home now she no doubt will restrict  my comings and goings with my buddies,gymming,swimming and yoga-ing,not to mention my outdoor lawn bowling.

      Talking of Liz,she'll be home shortly,got to get the dinner prepared,set the table etc,I have got two hugh sirlion steaks tonight,so I am looking forward to an enjoyable dinner.

     Bye for now friends.

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Eric, Who can take your picture to share with us ? 

We love summer here in Minnesota.  Today is cooler, the 60's but that is so much better than winter.

Tomorrow we are to see the sun again.  I did get a free car wash today ( from the rain)


Hope all are having a good day. 


Donna G

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Hi Donna,Thanks for your reply,I am sure I will manage to have a photo or two in costume of myself,only too happy to share them with everyone here.Busy day today,Yoga class this morning,then to the supermarket for groceries,bought a couple of tickets for the Euromillions lottery to be drawn tonight,its a rollover jackpot over £80 millions thats probably close to $150 million dollars where you live LOL.Liz has been harping at me to get on with the work required in her garden,I do believe one should'nt rush into things,however this afternoon I have cut out a large diameter circle in her front lawn,its looking really good so I might be allowed a wee Whyte and MacKays tonight.I will leave Liz to do all the plantings though.Another beautiful day in Scotland today,not that we have too many of them,tomorrow it seems to be cooler but at least dry.Talking of photos,I have a few of my holiday in Tenerife,if you would like to see them too,nothing special,just typical holiday snaps,Tenerife is'nt Paris or Rome.

       My daughter is off to Ghana next week for a three week stay.She is part of a group of teachers and pupils who will be visiting some schools there.She was in Malawi last and really enjoyed the experience.

     Thats Liz just arrived home must go now get the dinner prepared,chicken salad and a bottle of Gallo's Californian wine,White Zinfandel if I remember.

   Bye everyone.

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