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If chemosensitivity testing / assay-guided chemo is so great


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... then why isn't it a widespread practice?

It seems to make perfect sense to test someone's reactions to various chemo drugs and combinations of drugs BEFORE subjecting him/her to those drugs using trial-and-error. There also seem to be some good anecdotes about how assay-guided chemo treatment performs better than traditional trial and error.

Is it true that the primary reason why this is not widely done is that drug companies are against it?

Or is it due to a lack of evidence that it really works?

If anyone knows anything about this topic, please share! Seems like such testing could help a LOT of people in this community.


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I believe this is something that my oncologist recently had experience with -- one of his patients insisted that they did the chemo sensitivity test on his tumor BEFORE deciding on a treatment. They did it and it worked. (He was Stage 3B and is currently in remission) It was the first time my oncologist had heard of/tried it -- he said he was very impressed and intreuged by the results and would certainly be looking into it further to use in his practice with other patients.

Perhaps it is a fairly new concept?

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Dear Cary, Hebbie and all,

Thanks for sharing. I hope more people share their information here.

Cary, thanks so much for the veyr valuable links. Great to have you here to guide us.

Here is the website of what I've heard is one of the leading practitioners, and probably the entity "in California" that was mentioned by Hebbie in

http://www.buy2k.net/lungcancersurvivor ... php?t=4428

Please check it out if you want TONS of information


I'm going to keep digging on this. FYI, we recently had samples from my mom's pleural effusion sent to Dr Wiesenthal for analysis. Waiting for the results.



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Recently I asked my oncologist about this treatment modality after reading about it here on this board. He dismissed it with a short... "This is NOT a proven procedure...we don't use it here." Although I'm being treated by Cleveland's University Hospital Systems......I wonder if they're as up to date on treatments as they should be. Thanks to all of you for keeping these new procedures out in the forefront......good job.

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