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My mom was recently diagnosed with small cell carcinoma in her lungs which has spread to her liver. We were told she had about 3 months to live without treatment or 9-12 months with treatment. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy but the outlook is still bleak. I am her caregiver and am struggling to keep life moving and need support.

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Welcome here!


Lung cancer patients, caregivers, family and even medical practitioners struggle to keep life moving.  But, every once-in-a-while we get a win.  Lung cancer survival statistics are indeed bleak.  I found hope in a Stephen J. Gould's essay called "The Median isn't the Message."  You can listen to it here:  



When diagnosed with inoperable cancer, I was given about 6 months to live.  My disease is non-small carcinoma but the difference at late stage is academic.  I survived because of the push I got from wife and family and because I had a superb oncologist who noticed a good response during my chemotherapy.  In 2004, there were few chemo drugs available so my first line chemo failure did not get a change in recipe.  We repeated taxol carboplatin through second and third line failures.  Then the FDA approved Cyber Knife radiation for certain types of lung cancer tumors and mine just happened to be the certain type.  I'd stayed alive just long enough for my cure to emerge from research.  If I can live, so can your mom!  In February, Good Lord willing, I'll have lived 12 years beyond diagnosis.


I encourage you to read-in to the disease.  Knowledge is power and there is a wealth of information about small cell carcinoma at Lungevity.org  Here is a link you might find helpful as a caregiver - www.lungevity.org/caregivers  


You will likely have lots of questions and folks here might have answers, so ask a way.


Stay the course.



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Hello jporter, 


Welcome to the message boards. Do you have any specific questions for the group? Also, if you would like to talk to someone one on one, please let me know or follow this link to our LifeLine Program http://www.lungevity.org/support-survivorship/get-connected/lungevity-lifeline We are here for you. Please keep posting and letting us know how you both are doing. 



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