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Newly diagnosed


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Hello yall,  I am a new diagnosed small cell lung cancer patient as of august 26 2015, limited stage.  I have many questions not to mention many fears.


First of, I have always had many bouts of pneumonia thru out my life.  I cannot help that for years I had been showing signs of this , years . I wonder how many people have experience such things.

I feel so many emotions right now , and don't really feel the cancer center is answering them . I feel like their test subject .

Things have happened to me so very fast , im still trying to catch up while going thru all the treatments these doctors are telling me .


I need and want more spiritual help and feel I don't have much time, even though they say we can find the time.. what does it all mean for me , for others like me . God knows I need guidance here , ansewers . Any and all help is so appreciated.

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Doctors can only treat the cancer. Groups like Lungevity nurse the soul. It helps to be part of a group of people who have experienced what you have and understand what you feel. If possible, join a survivor group at your hospital. If there isn't one the social worker can guide you to one or to a facility like a Gilda's Club or Cancer Support Community.

The oncology social worker is someone you can sit and share your thoughts, ideas and fears with as well. If there is no facility with a survivor group contact Lungevity about a phone buddy. They try to match you with someone of similar age and issues.

You are not alone and this doesn't have to be a death sentence. I've a coworker whose husband was diagnosed in 2008 with small cell lung cancer limited. He still drives, baby sits his grandkids and goes out on his boat. Myself, I am 5 years in with stage 4 adenocarcinoma.

Breathe hope!

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Denzie said it all.  Here is how you get in touch Lungevity LifeLine support - www.lungevity.org/lifeline.  Please make contact so you can converse with someone who has experience navigating the mayhem that is lung cancer.


Try and write down your questions as they arise and have someone go to your treatment consultations with you so you get answers.  I was so affected by the thought of lung cancer that I couldn't formulate rational questions but my wife did and she attended every consultation to ensure questions were answered.


Stay the course.



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Hi elizac1954, 

I responded to you on a different post. I will duplicate it here just in case you see this one first.



I'm glad to hear your port is healing okay. Have you talked to your doctor about what you are feeling during the infusions? I know some people who travel with a notebook religiously so when symptoms or questions come to mind you can jot them down and then write your doctors answers on them.


I know sometimes some people talk with a nurse navigator. Is there one on your medical team that you can talk with to help you understand your treatment plan? Also, can someone go with you to your appointments who can take notes for you?


If you would like to speak to someone one on one who has been in a similar situation please let me know. We have the LifeLine program (free) which connects you with an actual person who can mentor you and let you know what helped them. Here is the link if you want to get started.http://www.LUNGevity.org/lifeline I can let my colleague know that you will be reaching out if you want, just let me know.


We care about you!





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