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Anyone with brain mets?


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I am stage 4 adenocarcinoma ALK+ have been taking Xalkori (crizotinib) for 6 months now. I understand that this med does not protect the brain.

Anyone with brain mets? if so did you have any symptoms before finding your cancer had spread to your brain? If so what symptoms did you have?

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The symptoms of lung cancer spread to the brain can vary, depending upon the part of the brain that is affected, how many tumors are present in the brain, and general health status. The symptoms brain mets are Loss of balance, Nausea and vomiting, Difficulty walking, Loss of coordination, Weakness on one side of the body, Memory loss, Personality changes etc.

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My Mom has stage 4 lung cancer and the cancer spread to brain too.  Before she found out that she has cancer, she had experienced memory loss and depression.  She didn't want to talk too much.  Her cancer is EGFR mutation.  Tarceva seems to be working in shrinking her tumors in her brain. She talks more and has better memory too after the treatment.

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