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Newly diagnosed and interested in meeting and finding new support


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Greetings everyone.  Today I was told I have small cell lung cancer although I have yet to take the additional MRI and CTscan to determine treatment, outcome, etc.  I am very sad, fearful, and do not know exactly what to expect.  I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, teach art in a small liberal arts college, am a widow and one son.  I recently read the statistics about women being diagnosed with lung cancer and find it horribly frightening but hope to meet some local people who can shed light on their experiences etc.


I look forward to hearing from people soon.



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Hi Susan.  Welcome to lungevity.  You live pretty close to me.  I live just south of the twin cities.

Glad you found us.  Until a few years ago we had an in person lung cancer support group in St. Paul.

I met many people there going through what we have in common ---Lung cancer.

Sounds like you do not have a plan of care set up yet.

I have a good friend I met in that group who had SCLC , Janet responded to treatment very well and

is still my friend.  I hope you also respond well. Let us know what the plan will be and how you are


I hope you have some other family near by or good friends that can help.

Keep us posted.


Donna G

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Welcome Susan,


We have a resource available called the LUNGevity LifeLine Support Program at www.lungevity.ort/lifeline


This program matches patients to survivors with similar diagnosis and situations.  You may find it helpful as you start you treatment journey.  Hopefully we can identify someone in your local area to provide this support.


Let us know about your treatment plan when it is established.  Hopefully, we may be able to offer survivor advise that helps you navigate through your treatment journey.


Stay the course.



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Hi Susan,

Welcome to the LCSC message boards. I'm glad you found us. As Tom mentioned above LUNGevity has the LifeLine Program that I think will be perfect for you. We will match you up with someone has is (or has been) in the same situation as you. Mentors are standing by.  http://www.LUNGevity.org/LifeLine Please let me know if you have any questions. 




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