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What Nodule?!?!?


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I has a large NSLC adneocarcinoma in my right lower lobe....I had a lobectomy and partial resection of the middle lobe done in Feb.of 2009 and then did chemo. I was declared cancer free in 2013 and released to the care of my family doctor.

I had my CT scans done every Dec. at the same hospital from 2008 thru 2014.

I was uneasy about my after care and had my scan done at the Cleveland Clinic last Dec. and saw an oncologist there who I supplied with a copy of my 2014 scan.

Imagine my surprise when I saw him for my appointment and he told me the nodule in my right upper lobe was stable and there were no changes since my 2014 scan!!!

What the hell?!?!? What nodule?!?!?

How long has that been there?!?!?

I'm not quite sure what to do.....should I ask for copies of all my scans to try to figure out when it developed???

Do I file a complaint about it???

Do I tell my insurance company they paid for at leastt one misread CT scan???

I had my first panic attack in over three years over this!!!!

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don't panic..... step 1  ask for clarification of previous diagnosis of being cancer free.. and congrats on that one...


you may or may not be able to read the scans but you can attain all medical files and sometimes for free or a small copying fee... this would include reports of the scans that you can make heads or tails of ..

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I can imagine how scared you must have felt when you heard that but I agree with Randy......don't panic!  I recently had pneumonia followed by a CT scan where a couple nodules were found.  I was told that we ALL develop nodules as we age, it doesn't always mean lung cancer.  My doctor plans to keep and eye on them and follow up with another scan in three months just to be safe.  Please let us know how you're doing ((hugs))

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Hi I live in the midwest (Wisconsin ). I had many nodules that were followed for many years to make sure of no changes..I had all the normal tests bronchial scope. Biopsy some were diagnosed as Macrobacterial infection. This should infection which can be caused by different environmental things...soil,bird droppings even water.It I'd treated long term antibiotics usally three different ones. I was treated for the past year with testing often to see is antibiotics were working.Then about right at the year mark one of the nodules was growing which as then diagnosed adenocarcinoma stage 2A.

So my advice is keep calm, getting keep copies of manifesting done. Make sure Pulmonary Dr is keeping

Watch on nodules as that us very important..do good luck to you make sure everything told to you us understood..Take notes if needed...keep us all updated. Take care Merilee

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