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Hi I'm Mandy I'm 47 and was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma on 22nd March this year. I have been on tarceva for seven weeks now. Monday I will find out the results of my ct scan since being on the tablets I am very nervous of the results

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Hello Mandy. 

Glad you found us.  Sounds like you are just starting this journey.  How are you tolerating the Tarceva?

Did you have the CT already?   Please let us know how you are doing when you get the results.

Lung cancer can be bothe physically difficult and emotionally difficult.  I hope you get good results.


Please keep us posted.  Also feel free to ask any questions you might have .


Donna G

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I am sorry for your diagnosis Mandy. You have many friends here though that totally understand what you are going through. What you are experiencing is what the cancer community calls scanxiety and we all go through it to some degree. Keep us posted on your results. Praying for the best.

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Welcome Mandy,


I took tarceva for 18 weeks.  Unfortunately, it was newly introduced at the time I took it and doctors didn't know why it worked.  Now they do and I'm sure you had a tumor marker test that indicated your adenocarcinoma would respond to the medication.  That said, I wish you the best possible scan results and that would be a no evidence of disease - NED -  finding.  


I knew a lady who took tarceva for ten years and it controlled her lung cancer so well that she passed from a heart attack at a ripe old age!  


We all get nervous waiting for scans and waiting for results.  Some of us call it scanziety and it is a pretty common feeling.  I started my treatment back in the day when I needed to wait to have the actual films developed and sent to the radiologist for interpretation.  That often took up to 3 weeks.  Now they push a button and the file appears on the radiologist's computer screen along with all your scan history.  So, the period of scanziety is reduced but the symptoms are not reduced. I know just how you feel.


Let us know about your scan when you get your results.


Stay the course!



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