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My referral from Texas Oncology was accepted by MD Anderson.  I have an appointment for Aug 10th.


Does anyone have any experience with MD Anderson?  What to expect?


I appreciate any feedback...


Thank you,

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I have second hand experience about MD Anderson that may be of value.  I knew well two lung cancer patients who received treatment at the hospital.  In both cases, the treatment delivery was superb.  But, in both cases, navigating the administrative process to get to care givers was complex, frustrating and lengthy.  These incidents occurred perhaps 3 years ago so perhaps MD Anderson has improved its patient administration services.  I suggest you have a lengthy conversation with your medical insurance provider to validate coverages and limits.  In both cases, admission difficulty occurred because of "insurance coverage gaps".  MD Anderson does a lot of procedures that do not match up with insurance recognized procedure codes and that was part of the problem.


I suggest you try and have your insurance provider coordinate with MD Anderson ahead of your scheduled admission, if possible, to smooth your admissions process. 


Stay the course.



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I have not had experience with them however the cancer center where I am treated is affiliated with MD Anderson and I have gotten the most up to date treatment at this point with no problems and holding stable 15 months since diagnosis. Best of luck to you.

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