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Medicare plans....Help!


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I will be turning 65 in December and am trying to make a decision on which Medicare supplement/alternative to go with. I am stage 4 adenocarcinoma ALK positive and am taking Xalkori. Any feedback on what plans you are on and how well they cover this very expensive drug would be appreciated. I live in Alabama.


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I'd like to suggest a couple of additional ideas.  Most states have a program to guide Medicare-eligible individuals and provide counseling.  I would suggest contacting this group in Alabama.  They can give give you information regarding Medicare Part D drug plans in your state.  

Alabama Dept. Of Senior Services

(For Insurance Counseling, Legal Assistance, Nutrition Sites, Other SHIP Activities)
770 Washington Ave RSA Plaza Ste. 570
P.O. Box 301851
Montgomery, AL 36130


It also looks like there are 3 companies currently providing Part D plans- here is a link to the DOI's web page with additional links for Medicare information:



Hope this helps.

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I've heard the supplement "Part G" is the best.  I don't know if they cover the drugs you need but it's work looking into.  I have a neighbor who is receiving chemo (not sure which combo) and it's being paid for.  Her annual deductible is only $149.  That's excellent! 

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I am shocked to hear that Blue Cross denied coverage of his medication. I have had no problem with them paying for mine at this point but with it costing them over $14,000.00 a month I am sure it won't be long before that ends. I am looking at part F & G but will need a prescription plan also.


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