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  1. I use my date of diagnosis - my 'cancerversary' - because I have survived this damn cancer, multiple surgeries and treatments, and all that came with it. You decide what works for you but in my book, we're all survivors from the minute we're diagnosed.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Sorry you need us but glad you found us. That is absolutely a lot of information to take in over a three week period, much less a three day period! I'm sure you and your family are just reeling. Here's my first bit of advice: ignore the statistics. They don't take your age and overall health into account, they don't consider the very latest treatments, and they don't accurately count cancer patients who dropped out of or opted out of treatment. Based on statistics, I shouldn't be sitting here typing this. Lung cancer has no boundaries - age, gender, smoker, non-smoker. It is an equal opportunity suck. Once you wrap your head around that, I think it's a little easier to digest. So let's talk next steps starting with the biopsy. Did your doc indicate if this would be a needle biopsy or by bronchoscopy? Regardless of the method, confirm that the tissue will be tested for biomarkers/genetic mutations. Certain types of lung cancer respond more favorably to targeted treatment. It's probably the best advance we've seen in 50 years. You'll find quite a few long term survivors on this forum. They gave me hope and made me realize that lung cancer is no longer the death sentence it was. Is it persistent? Yes, but we're getting closer to managing this as a chronic disease. I was diagnosed in early 2016 with stage 4 adenocarcinoma. I had a lobectomy and chemo. I've since had two recurrences, more chemo, and more radiation. But I'm here! Please ask anything. Let us know how we can help you.
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