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Ready for yet another new normal

Susan Cornett


I haven't been on here much in the last few months, maybe a year. Work kept me much busier than usual but I *think* that is going to finally level out now that we've hired a new director and a couple of additional consultants. I also find it more difficult to break away from my work when my daily commute is now just a walk down the hall. I'm fortunate - and I know it - because I've been able to continue working without interruption. My employer has offices in CA, FL, NJ, OH, and TX and all of our offices were closed through May. They continue to encourage us to stay home through June and to come back at our new pace. 

Now I have to figure out what this new "new normal" looks like for me. When do I return to the office? Should I return? When can I go see my parents? I know that we don't have a crystal ball but I'd love to have an idea of what's next. I take an annual beach trip with my girlfriends in September but I'm beginning to think that won't happen this year. Two of my friends have jobs that require them to interact with people all day. Even if I drive to our destination, they will all be coming off an airplane and possibly exposing me. I know the beach will still be there next year but this is one of those trips that I look forward to all year.

I see Super Doc in a couple of weeks and Super Pulmonologist in July. Hopefully they'll have some thoughts on all of this. Until then, I'll continue to stay at home. Ugh.

Please stay well, friends.


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I've had so many scheduled trips cancelled, I've become an expert in travel insurance claims!

My medical team all suggest a strict quarantine till herd immunity is established. This due to my very low pulmonary capacity and the primary attack point of the virus is my under capacity lung. I'm sitting this one out confined to the house or driving Martha to a shopping destination and remaining in the car. Martha disinfects everything brought into the house including Amazon packages and the mail. 

There is much clamor to open the nation and oddly I think that is a good idea. There won't be herd immunity till the virus spreads through a large portion of our population. A vaccine may help but I'm troubled by reports I've read about re-infection with COVID-like symptoms. So this may behave like our annual flu virus where virologists take a best guess at a vaccine formulation that may not have any effect on the virus in circulation. 

One more thing I think about---I don't want to have waged a successful campaign against lung cancer to be taken out by a simple virus! So, I am staying inside and....

Staying the course.


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I should have hired you as my new consultant with your knowledge of travel insurance.  As much as I don't want to admit it, I'm pretty sure I'm home for the long haul. My husband and I are considering an RV as a travel option because we can get away but not be reliant on others to clean up after us, feed us, etc. 

I'm with you - I didn't beat lung cancer to get taken out by this, either. I have plans!

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Susan - I echo your and Tom's thoughts - my mom says all of the time...I didn't beat lung cancer to die from this crap! lol

I've been lucky enough to work from home too.  I've come to absolutely love it and dread the day I must return to a physical office and coworkers (who aren't the furry, 4 legged type).  As a part of management, I have had a voice in what our "new normal" will look like.  My state has 4 phases of start-up, each County is considered a separate entity (apparently COVID doesn't cross county lines!).  My county just entered Phase 2 (don't ask what that all means because I have no idea!), but it does mean that we are getting closer to going back to "normal" in a month or so.  Now that I have a general timeline, my anxiety has peaked.  I feel that if I am forced back into my physical office, I have to choose between my job and hugging my parents.  I hate that this is a choice we have to make not only for ourselves but our loved ones.  While I am less worried about myself or husband contracting the virus, our isolation is driven by our need to see our family. 

Although my concern has not been related to recreational activities at this point, I have given some thought as to what future concerts and similar large events will look like.  I'm scared to think about it because my mom and my favorite thing to do is go to concerts.  She has also gotten into the local non-professional hockey team in her town.  I got her season tickets this year (prior to COVID) because she had so much fun with her friends at the games last year.  I am sort-of hoping that the season will be cancelled so my mom isn't torn as to whether she should go or not.  I really wish you had a crystal ball so you can tell us what to expect and what to do! lol

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Steff, if you get the crystal ball, let me know. I have some questions for it.  I would love to go back to work and to the swimming pool but it's not looking likely. The pool is closed ant the building is being used as a homeless shelter to allow people who were in crowded shelters to spread out. i could actually go back to my job any time i think it's safe enough. (I'm on call in a different homeless shelter. They're being pretty careful there and haven't had any COVID-19 infections, I don't think). But my doctor at the outset of the pandemic advised me against it, because I'm in a high risk group, primarily because of my age (74). And unfortunately I'm not getting any younger.

Bridget O

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Bridget O - I used to have a magic wand, given to me when I first entered into social services.....but lost it years ago. I tried using it several times, but apparently I don't know how to use them and it was a complete failure 😁 

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I, too, have become an expert on travel insurance lately. We had to cancel two big trips, one to Italy and one to Portugal. In the absence of a cancer diagnosis, our insurance would not even have paid for our canceled trips since it exempted the pandemic from covered causes.

We are fortunately retired so it has been fairly easy to isolate and order everything we need online. We've also been doing video appointments with doctors to the extent possible. That said, going out for medical tests has been challenging and we're not looking forward to my husband having to go out for treatment soon.

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Let me know what super doc and super pulmonologist say.

I feel like we are in unchartered waters now. I'm not sure the answers are out there.

Be well,


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I had an appointment with Super Doc on Thursday. He said to stay home as long as my job will allow me too - he said the risk of exposure is just too high. He's hopeful a vaccine will make some impact but that won't be a reality for 6 to 12 months, so I'm home until then. I told him I was more scared of the virus than a lung cancer recurrence because I felt sure the virus would kill me. He said it would.  He also quashed my trip - I knew he would and I knew it was the right thing to do. Still sucks.

Hope you all continue to stay safe!

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I had a similar conversation with my doctor Friday with the same prognosis--about of COVID-19 will put me in the grave. He says to stay inside (or well socially distanced in my front yard) and do not mix with the public under any circumstances. He's not even sure if a vaccine is enough protection and suggests I'll need to wait till herd immunity develops. That could be several years.

So I am homebound and down to watching birds, answering forum message boards, and writing my novel.  Yes, I'll rig up my camera and get some photos of the "boss cardinal" and post them up.

Stay the course.


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I've been thinking of all of you!! It's not easy to have the "lifting" of the precautions in the air and various phases for Covid.

I have been to the beach but with at least 6-8 feet between me and anyone else. 

But people are now onto outdoor dining with the 6 foot distance in place. I decided I should just email my Oncologist to find out what she thinks.

So far, just staying in the house, or my car to go to the beach....

Be well everyone!!




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Hey guys its been awhile since I've posted. It's really a different world right now. 

I'm like the rest of you staying at home or going to one of my sons and watching a granddaughter.  My husband still works but was furloughed until last week which makes us both nervous. He's 72 and works at the airport. The only good thing about his job is it's not around a lot of people. We've been talking and have pretty much decided that when I go on medicare he'll retire. Medicare is another thing that worries me. 

 I'm lucky to see one of the grand babies because they were quarantined and working from home. We haven't seen my other son, his wife and their kids since January.  My daughter moved to Las Vegas for work in January so not only is she in a new city by herself we can go see her.

I'm nervous about things opening up the virus getting worse. You guys stay safe and take care.

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Things are a little different Down Under.

Our office has remained open all along  .There are only 6 of us in 97sq.m. so social distancing is not a problem. Everyone drives to the office.

I think the Australian death toll stands at 106.

Below is my M2C that I got late Feb. The old geezer in the top left is me. That car is a little beast.



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